Monday, October 27, 2008

Besties :-)

I have a few "best friends" which is kinda redundant when there is more than one but anyway..

I think I have made a new one as I approach 30 which seems a little funny as "bestie" seems like a high school word. But when you see someone usually more than once a week, send text messages and emails and even have the odd phone conversation (even though said bestie is not a huge phone fan) then I think we are entering that territory lol. We always seem to have loads to talk about and our kids love each other. Her man and mine even get along. She can overlook my gross hypocracy as I eat the animal kingdom and it's by-products through this pregnancy. We go on big adventures with families in tow in her "big white bus". She is even planning to be present to help with the kids when I am in labour-even though that is going to involve some serious kid juggling on her part if it falls at a bad time-not to mention having to see my big naked labouring ass moaning about the place.
It's just nice to have someone local to hang out with and just "be"-while the kids trash whatever house we happen to be at-and it's no drama :-)
So put a "bestie" badge on your Girl Guides sash Kate-and bring me some chicken.

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Kate said...

Ah so nice :D

I've had a few besties in my life too, and one that has been so since the day I first met her 14 or more years ago.

But it is so nice to find them later on too hey? I have been lucky to meet and get to know so many new ppl since having kids, but I know that there are a few who will be part of our lives far beyond babyhoods, and one who has become such an integral part of my life that I don't remember what I did (or who I whinged/confessed/cried/laughed to and with) before I knew her :D

Besties are ace ppl :D

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