Friday, October 3, 2008

Cause I know the world needs my blog

So Hi! I'm back.....Where am I at?

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with number 3 and I'm so glad that the 1st trimester is over. Can I just say yawn and blerg? This baby will arrive late March/early April. I'd like the 28th of March please baby-that works in nicely with Easter so Luke can have maximum time off work with minimum loss of cash :-) Having bubs at home again. Of course, homebirth rocks. Tannah thinks the baby is a boy and she wants to call him Flora hmmmm. Have decided recently that we're not going to find out the sex-sorry for all those interested, you'll have to wait! I just want that lovely surprise on the day and I just don't really want another scan. Have seen baby and convinced I'm actually pregnant so I'm good lol.
Tannah is growing up. She does ballet and just loves it. It's laid back so I'm happy but she gets to wear a ballet dress so she's happy-there is a concert in November which should be interesting. She is currently rocking out to Justine Clarke using her toy broom as a guitar. She is a love.
Willow is a pocket rocket. She's little for her age and never stops! She was well and truly walking by 11 months and now she climbs and runs and pushes etc. Taking her to the park is a test of nerves. Looks like she is going to have red hair-fiery little Leo girl. She's a lot of fun!
Luke is much happier back in Melbourne. He has an interview for his old leading hand position next week so hopefully.....

And life is busy for me. With playgroup, the BaBs (bellies and babies) group, ABA,spending time with friends and trying to suss out the local homeschooling group I definately use my calendar!

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loz said...

Yay your back yikes time flies when your having fun 14weeks already woo hooo

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