Tuesday, October 7, 2008

cough cough cough

Willow has hayfever. Not surprising given that Luke gets it most of the time. She often has the delightful clear snotty nose that just runs and runs. I spend a bloody fortune on homeopathics which keep it in check when it gets bad. Presently she is just drowning in it though-the snot I mean. Which means it runs down the back of her throat and she coughs-like as soo as she lies down. We (parents) know that the cough is the natural enemy of sleep. The cough is to sleep as Darth Vader is To Luke Skywalker (hang on that might not be right-he was his DAD?? anyway) .
Willow does not need another sleep enemy-she has plenty. Like ummm breathing, or me needing to pee or me brushing my teeth down the other end of the house (she actually wakes up pretty much EVERY NIGHT) or it being too hot, or cold or whatever. Lets just say she has no trouble rousing herself from sleep regularly.
And now she has a cough. She looks sick too poor poppet-like contagious bubonic plague sick. Which isn't fair when you can't catch it cause I don't want to take her anywhere for fear of them spraying a black cross on our door. I'm sure she will sleep nestled in the crook of my arm all night again and I can sleep to the dulcet tones of her nasal breathing-with her dad doing the same on the other side of me. At least he doesn't bother me for breastmilk at all hours cause it makes his mouth dry.....

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