Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do we NEED two cars?

We have been a one car family for the better part of 3 years and we have been talking of blowing some of the baby bonus on a second car. But the more we talk about doing it the more reasons we find for keeping one car.
If we keep as a one car setup we will have cleared some big bills by the time bubs arrives-as well as paying for the midwife. We should still have some of the bonus left. So why not buy a car?
Cause then there is the hassle of running (read paying for) 2 cars. Of course there will be a heap more driving on my part (read petrol) and less walking. It's been a little tough-the walking to and from the bus stop and I haven't done it nearly as much as I could but I got pregnant pretty much straight away after we moved back. Obviously once the bub is born I won't be pregnant anymore lol-problem solved.
Luke is home until 2 every week day so we are looking at a whole other car for the 3 hours in the arvo in between him going to work and me starting dinner-it sounds a little luxurious no? We would also like to think by running only one car we are being better environmentally as a family. And scoring tightarse points as well.

So now the plan is to stay as a one car household, put the wagon on gas and buy this fancy tandem stroller which is tiny and will not only fit easy on a bus but will take a skateboard for Tannah when bubs comes out of the sling. Greener, healthier, cheaper. It sounds like a plan.....

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anastasia_wolf said...

Sounds like an awesome plan! Wish we could get away with one car :(. Jake is still commuting to the Coast and I am petrified of PT with the girls! LOL!

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