Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Mama Karma

Some days don't you just feel like you have your shit together? And some days don't you just feel like you are doing a good job of the kids and not screwing them up too bad? That's been my last couple of days. Hurrah!
The kids were bored the other day and faced with having to take them to the park (not always fun when the older one still wants you to help her with everything and the younger one insists on doing everything alone) I used my brain ( I know). I got some packing boxes and masking tape and made a cubby house. And then I let the kids go to town colouring it and playing in it-for ages, together, with hardly any fighting.
Yesterday however I did get Luke to drop me off before work and we had a big walk home, stopping at the park and discussing flowers etc.
When I was cooking corn fritters for the girls I let Tannah help. She does love to cook. And I didn't even get the big bit of egg shell that went into the mix!
I remembered ballet shoes this week so Tannah didn't have to dance in her sneakers.
I figured out some of Willow's sleep issue. She hates disposable nappies. My kids have always slept in sposies cause they hold more wee and I hate changing nappies at night. Even (like now) when they feed less and wee less at night. She gets all squirmy and pulles at her nappy so the other night I put a cloth ( a new Bumgenius! ) on her. NO SQUIRMYNESS. MORE SLEEP. And I was pleasantly surprised at how dry it kept her. I have ordered another one. Obviously. So after having cloth bums during the day my whole parenting career we are now FULL-TIME cloth. Yeah baby.
I feel like I have answered most of Tannah's "why..but why?' questions instead of fobbing her off with "because" type answers. Now that is exhausting.

Now off to attend to the mountain of washing to fold that has accumulated while I have been such a good mama lol.


loz said...

Sounds like a day in our house lol Pat yourself on the back when you can babe makes those tough times much easier:)

How are you feeling anyway? How is the belly babe treating you?

Juniper said...

Isn't it great when you have a week that it all just seems to "come together"??? I think I may have had the opposite in the last few days LOL!!!

I wanted to also say *yeah* re: the full time cloth! I used disposables full time with my older two kids (11.5yrs and 8.5yrs) but have used cloth with my littlest (now 14mths). In the beginning I did full time during the day, but disposables at night till maybe around 6mths old, when once I ran out of Huggies (my nighttime nappy of choice) and resorted to using a cloth (BBBH I think) and couldn't believe how well it worked - he was dry *and* comfortable and no leaks!

So, I became brave, and switched to "proper full time" cloth after than and have never looked back since! I suggest looking into a couple of Night Nappies (Nappy Chappies are great, and so are my favourite night nappies Bubblebubs which have a booster on the inside *and* the outside) as that just makes life so much easier! But I too have used the BumGenius at night (with extra boosting) and it worked perfectly!

Sorry, what a ramble about cloth nappies LOL! Just had to give you a CHEER and say *yeah*!!

Can't wait to catch up again sometime soon! We will have to organise a meet - we can come out your way for a change!

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