Monday, October 6, 2008


How many labels are there now in the world of parenting etc? Are you an Attachment parent? A Natural Parent, an Aware parent ? How about learning? Maybe you homeschool, unschool, radical unschool or use natural learning? How about Connected parenting and using Non Violent Communication (NVC)? Maybe you are "mainstream' or a little bit of everything.
I have always felt an affinity to Attachment Parenting-Just the basics. Like the co-sleeping, baby wearnig and breastfeeding. We (try to) use gentle dicipline and I love a lot of the NVC style stuff. I think that might come under Connected parenting.
Our diet is pretty healthy and we don't have a lot of plastic toys etc-So Natural Parenting maybe? We definatly homeschool but the kids do swimming and Tannah does ballet-not really unschoolers then I guess.

I love to read and I read tons of parenting books-most of them are from the kind of angle of the way we do things and there seems to be new terms popping up.

So who am I as a parent? What is my label?

I guess I'm a Natural, Attached, Connected, Gentle, Natural Learning homeschool Mama who is doing the best she can :-)

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Nalin said...

It sounds like a wonderful collection of labels!

As for whether you unschool, if the swimming and ballet are Tannah's choice, then it's totally unschooling.

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