Saturday, October 11, 2008

Preggers news

Saw my midwife yesterday. All is well there and Tannah got to help with hearing the heartbeat and stuff-of course she loved being important :-) Having an independant midwife has perks-ours can do reflexology and bowen. Not to mention the lovely long appointments we have and being able to chat about all things birth and baby.
I'm 15 weeks now. It already seems like it's going fast eeeek! I am definatly visably pregnant, into maternity pants and stretching all my tops. Willow is still feeding as though there has been no change. Tannah definately dropped off a bit at the 12 week mark and was getting annoyed with the whole taste and supply stuff. There has either been less of a change or Willow doesn't care! Am going to have to come up with some more interesting ways for her to be at the boob as my belly gets bigger.
Tannah is really into the whole idea of another baby. She asks about it a lot. Of course we get- WHEN?? a fair bit lol. She is still sure it's a boy, still wants to call him Flora. She wants to cut the cord- I think the idea of the "strong scissors" from the book "Hello Baby" appeals to her :-)
I'm trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible cause I know it's going to be my last one. Some days I'm happy about that and some days I wonder if you can ever have enough babies!


loz said...

So glad you feel at ease with your MW she sounds wonderful:) LOL on stretching out and looking pregnant it was like overnight everyone could tell we were pregnant with the belly lol

Stitch Sista said...

Nah, can never have enough babies...but I think once the children outnumber the grown ups it's a bit of a wake up call ;).

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