Monday, October 20, 2008

Rostered Day Off

I pulled an RDO from the family :-)
I really wanted to go to the Parents, Babies and Childrens expo at the Melb exhibition centre, but it is awfully busy and usually a nightmare with the kids. Too much going on, not enough room and a Dorothy the Dinosaur show where position is everything lol.
I asked (well begged really) Luke for a whole day kid free. I really needed a bit of space from my lovely girls. Just an hour without Tannah asking "why...but why" was in order. And more than 2 hours where my boobs are my own. *sigh* bliss. My awesome husband didn't take any convincing-even though he has been working hard and had a headache on the day. So I caught the train in-I'd forgotten how fun a long train ride with only a book can be :-)
I got to wander, peruse, stroll, inspect, touch and buy. All in my own time and without steering a pram through the masses. I took a packed lunch-which a didn't share with anyone. Not even the strawberries ;-) I bought 6 (yes SIX) new nappies for the baby-although because Willow is tiny and I bought mediums I suspect that she will get a bit of wear out of them.
I bought a Bumgenius, 2 Baby Beehinds Wonderalls and 3 Itti Bitti D'lish-2 all in one and 1 snap in one. Willow has the Bumgenius on as I write lol. She also got a new pair of Baby Legs that are plain-cause all those patterned ones are clashing with her tee shirts dahlink.
I saw 2 prams that I want(how did a sling slut also develop such pram love??) A tandem STROLLER and a fancy double jogger like a Mountain Buggy that you can put a seat on top! Not to mention the COOLEST baby bag ever. I think I may NEED the baby bag..... There really was a lot of "stuff" in general that looked cool. And I try not to...but I do love stuff.
I then took myself off to a cafe and had a hot chocolate and a snack(very fattening and also not shared) then home again on the train.

I really think I was more patient with everyone last night.....

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loz said...

Sounds like just what the midwife would have ordered:)

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