Friday, November 28, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things

Here is my love list at the moment-

-Natures Path Corn Flakes-no wheat or sugar and Willow loves em. It takes her at least 45 minutes to eat 2 bowls in the morning (read my internet time lol)
-Itti Bitti D'lish Nappies- I bought some for the baby and cause Willow is such a pocket rocket they fit her. How good are they? So plush and lovely and they really do the job. I want MORE.
-homebirth-I just love the care I get from my midwife as well as the excitement about doing it again. Birth is just so normal...and so amazingly special :-)
-Alfie Kohn- Unconditional Parenting is the most challenging and best parenting book I've read since Robin Grille. I'm going to get my own copy!
-Mangoes-seriously, what's not to love?
-My friends-I've had some lovely times with them of late
-Internet shopping-Not having to hit the shops at xmas yay! Sites I love are Dragonfly toys, Spiral Garden, Natures Child and Eco Toys.
-Hello Baby- It's a book about a homebirth for kids. Tannah likes to have it read to her over and over and imagine what this birth will be like. She is quite keen to be there (and cut the cord!) and I'm sure it feels like an elephants pregnancy to her
-My Hip Bubby Baby Sling- I've had it since Tannah was a couple of months old and it has been used and used and it still fits around the bump.
-Hommus with chilli- try it.
-Criminal Minds-I'm totally addicted to this show and the last 2 episodes were great! I love Spencer....
-warm weather-bring more on please universe.......

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby stuff.....

So I'm just past the halfway mark-woo hoo! I'm so excited about this baby despite the close age gap between it and Willow. Not sure what's going to happen with the breastfeeding. I assume I'll feed both cause Miss W shows no signs of being at all interested in slowing down-hoping to wean her overnight before bubs arrives...but no pressure lol. Tannah is super excited and talks about it all the time. Has decided that she wants to cut the cord, hope she is patient enough cause it might take a few hours to get around to that. We are reading the homebirth stories a lot- "my Brother Jimi Jazz" and "Hello Baby". Getting the kids in the zone too.
I love my midwife :-) You wouldn't get reflexology in hospital! I really feel we picked the right one for us. Nice and laid back and hands off. I'm hoping for another ecstatic birth like Willow's but they are all different I guess. I can hope though lol. Getting into gear finally and eating better. I have some nice relaxation/hypnobirthing CD's that I'm going to start listening to, as well as practicing yoga more regularly that I have been. I'm trying to do my bit to look after my baby and make the birth as awesome as possible.
My belly baby is busy, kicking and moving around lots. And growing......

Monday, November 24, 2008

Xmas is coming-Yay!

It's not that long until xmas and I'm starting to get excited. We're pretty much organized as far as presents go- I have a list of online orders to do over the next week so they arrive on time and I'm going to email cards to as many people as possible so taking the work out of that. The girls are getting a fair bit this year but it is mostly wooden and steiner type lovely stuff so I'm telling myself that that takes the crazy consumerism out of it lol. We are borrowing a tree-another dilemma solved and picking up our decorations on lay buy this week. Tree up Dec one hopefully! I want to sort out some xmas craft for Tannah to do.....that can be a job for closer to the big day. The only spanner in the works is Luke has changed his mind and now doesn't want a hot lap at Calder park for his birthday (Xmas eve) so I have to think up a present. It's his 30th too so I want it to be nice, I have no idea.
Planning a day out to see the window at Myer in the city closer to xmas as a big family event.

Fa la la la la etc.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

4 Years!

It's our wedding anniversary today-4 years. I still feel really lucky to have such a wonderful husband who is also a great Dad. I never imagined that I would meet the man of my dreams who I would spend the rest of my life with on a drunken binge at the local nightclub! But our blurry eyes met and the rest, as they say, is history.
We have had tough financial times but our marriage has stayed rock solid. We have been blessed with 3 (well 2 and a half really lol) kids and he is such a hands on Dad. He puts up with my moods and is bossed around from time to time- I mean I have been pregnant A LOT of our marriage thus far! He always takes the bossing with good humor and has been known to do a chocolate run to the local milk bar when the kids are in bed. He is very capable at the housework and changes yucko nappies. He eats my cooking-even the experimental vegan stuff-when I'm sure he longs for a chicken parma and chips. He is more patient with the girls that I will ever be-not to mention patient with me! He tried out QLD even though it was WAY out of his comfort zone. He has the day off when I come back from holidays exhausted. He works hard so that I can stay home with the kids. He is open to listening to all the "crazy" alternative ideas on parenting and schooling-and he usually agrees! He makes me laugh a lot and while he is quiet at first he is strong and never lets himself be walked over.

I just love him and I'm glad he's mine :-)

Here's a lovely photo of us on the big day

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So we're back from the not so sunny QLD (well not this trip anyway-it rained pretty much the whole time!) and we are all buggered and in need of some back to normalness.
Was lovely to catch up with my family and friends-I even had a few meals out MINUS kids. Very civil indeed.
One thing the trip revealed to me was just how settled in Melbourne I am. I really had that sense of missing home and was really happy to see it when we got back. Luke didn't come so I imagine that missing him was a part of it.
We shopped and played and talked and ate and even scored free tickets to Hi-5!

Now we're home I need to get my head around the next big thing at number 3!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holiday time!

Looking out on this cold and dreary Melbourne morning makes the idea of 2 weeks in warm and hopefully sunny QLD seem so much nicer that it already is!
Luke isn't coming with me-so I'm flying with the girls and a big bump of a belly baby alone, which is kinda scary. I have a back pack filled with all sorts of fun stuff for the girls to do-including emergency ponies lol. I caved. But when we get up there it's going to be ace! I haven't seen my parents since June and there is much chatting and going out for meals to do. My niece will have grown a heap and my SIL is pregnant again so it will be nice to chat all things baby with her and my brother-and maybe have a turn of their Wii fit hehe. Mum and I can talk (no kidding to those who know either or both of us huh?) so I imagine that we will chat up a storm and do some nice big walks along the beach-while talking. The kids will have a wonderful time and swim heaps in the pool at my folks place-hopefully making them fall into bed without issue each night-hear that Willow? This means you!
Willow has woken up with a runny nose so poor baby will be on some hardcore herbs and vit C today so she stays in the land of well for the holiday. Might give some to Tannah for good measure too.

So I'm off to wash and pack and get organized. We'll spend some time with Luke today too cause I miss him when we go away. Catch you in a couple of weeks!
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