Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby stuff.....

So I'm just past the halfway mark-woo hoo! I'm so excited about this baby despite the close age gap between it and Willow. Not sure what's going to happen with the breastfeeding. I assume I'll feed both cause Miss W shows no signs of being at all interested in slowing down-hoping to wean her overnight before bubs arrives...but no pressure lol. Tannah is super excited and talks about it all the time. Has decided that she wants to cut the cord, hope she is patient enough cause it might take a few hours to get around to that. We are reading the homebirth stories a lot- "my Brother Jimi Jazz" and "Hello Baby". Getting the kids in the zone too.
I love my midwife :-) You wouldn't get reflexology in hospital! I really feel we picked the right one for us. Nice and laid back and hands off. I'm hoping for another ecstatic birth like Willow's but they are all different I guess. I can hope though lol. Getting into gear finally and eating better. I have some nice relaxation/hypnobirthing CD's that I'm going to start listening to, as well as practicing yoga more regularly that I have been. I'm trying to do my bit to look after my baby and make the birth as awesome as possible.
My belly baby is busy, kicking and moving around lots. And growing......

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