Monday, November 24, 2008

Xmas is coming-Yay!

It's not that long until xmas and I'm starting to get excited. We're pretty much organized as far as presents go- I have a list of online orders to do over the next week so they arrive on time and I'm going to email cards to as many people as possible so taking the work out of that. The girls are getting a fair bit this year but it is mostly wooden and steiner type lovely stuff so I'm telling myself that that takes the crazy consumerism out of it lol. We are borrowing a tree-another dilemma solved and picking up our decorations on lay buy this week. Tree up Dec one hopefully! I want to sort out some xmas craft for Tannah to do.....that can be a job for closer to the big day. The only spanner in the works is Luke has changed his mind and now doesn't want a hot lap at Calder park for his birthday (Xmas eve) so I have to think up a present. It's his 30th too so I want it to be nice, I have no idea.
Planning a day out to see the window at Myer in the city closer to xmas as a big family event.

Fa la la la la etc.

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