Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas pics :-)

Ok our computer is old and sick and giving me a fair bit of grief about working all the time. I'me going to post our chrissy pics and hope I have enough time before the screen dies on me again.....

Here is Luke and Willow enjoying his birthday lunch-my lovely man is 30!

Tannah at the Myer window in the city
All too much for Willow
The new Antarctica exhibit at the Melbourne aquarium-complete with PENGUINS! It is awesome and I highly recommend it.
Xmas morning-playing in the new cubby house
Opening presents at home
Yes I dressed them the same-feel free to give me shit-but I think they look cute!
The best pic of them together lol
Luke and I awww
Phew so there is xmas eve and xmas day in pictures!
Tannah is still stoked with the My Little Pony and lollipop she got above all others lol and Willow was just stoked to eat all day. I had a lovely time and am looking forward to doing it with 3 kids next year!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

*yawn* recovering.

I have lots to blog about-and lots of pics to upload. But I'm going to give a quick update.
We did the city on xmas eve-which was lovely Luke's 30th birthday. Brekkie at Maccas, the train, the window at Myer, lunch at the pancake parlour and the aquarium. We had the family round for dinner as well. It was lovely but I ate too much and did WAY too much. I have been struggling to catch up ever since.
Xmas day was fabulous. Again I ate too much (do I learn? Lol) but the kids had a blast and the company was great. I'm so glad we do the whole "christmas thing"- it's really lovely.
Today we went to spend our voucher at the camping shop cause the sale was on. We got an ACE tent and then hit a shopping center to see if any other good stuff was on sale. Needless to say we were out for most of the day.

So this is not a complaint post, just letting you know I'm around but spending a lot of home time on the couch getting over the festivities!! I swear I've put on 5kg in the last week lol.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Simple pleasures

I'm going to try and include in my blog some of the simpler things in life that bring me joy-and there are so many little things! I'm not going to start a huge list now but I'm going to blog (with pictures!) from time to time some of these simple pleasures that I can overlook.
The first- and one of my favorites-is clean sheets. Clean sheets that have been dried in the sunshine, not in the drier. The anticipation of getting into bed at the end of the day to sweet smelling, crisp, clean sheets is just lovely. We have a "family bed", and to accommodate us all it is a queen and double pushed up together. It often has My Little Ponies, books, rocks and leaky breast milk patches in it-it just makes you appreciate lovely clean sheets that much more :-)
Of course a newly made clean bed is just too inviting and must be bounced on.


Another simple pleasure is watching my children and their Dad together. I love the bond that they have and marvel at how it is so very different to mine. Luke is a fantastic Dad-much more patient than I am-and the kids adore him. He works shift and the girls favorite part of the day is when it is time to wake him up. They both go in and jump and roll all over him and all I hear is giggling and Tannah saying "How's your work Dad?"
Here is Tannah and Luke putting the final touches to our Christmas tree this year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Look at the sun!!!

Well look outside Melburnians-that is sunshine, and that weird sensation that makes you want to take off your jumper-that is called being warm.

I feel like going outside and doing a little happy dance cause I'm so that summer is finally showing herself around here a little. I do understand that we could be back to freezing and wet next week but I'm going to enjoy the moment for as long as I can.
I don't cope very well in long term cold, dark and wet-the Queenslander in me says NO. I get a bit of that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and I used to cure it (before kids) by having a solarium a couple of times a week (I know...not very good. But a great mood improver!) but now I plod along and get cranky and pine for the sun.
I don't mind so much in winter-it's WINTER. But I just lose it more when it's cold and miserable for ages in summer. It's one of the few things that makes me truly miss QLD. A guaranteed warm day regardless of rain etc from about October til March.
But this isn't meant to be a whine post-I'm so excited that the sun is out. My sheets are currently washing and we are meeting a friend at the park later. We went to the zoo yesterday (I love the yearly pass!) and wore hats AND sunscreen ;-)

Ah a burst of warm sun-how my mood loves it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Approaching Critical Mass.....

The neat little bump I've has growing in front of me has suddenly (it seems) turned into a huge ball.
The baby is starting to kick enough to keep me awake and getting comfortable in bed ain't what it used to be (read strategic pillow arrangement). Bending over to pick something up is often accompanied by a grunt or groan. I've lost a fair amount of my usual (stifle the urge to laugh please) grace and I'm definitely getting heartburn a lot more. The peeing in the middle of the night is more often and getting out of bed to do that (we have a couple of mattresses on the floor so we all fit!) must look oh so hilarious lol.
You would think I would find all of this irritating but I'm actually getting quite excited by it all (ask me again in 2 months lol) cause it means that our baby is getting bigger and it really isn't that long until we get to meet him or her. And with all that we have going on in between now and then (which is only 15 weeks eep!) time is just gonna fly.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas countdown

Only one week to go! I'm so excited! Lucky that I'm married to someone sane or all the presents would be opened by now. This year is going to be so ace cause Tannah is so into it this year. And Willow like to rip paper so everyone wins. I'm really happy with the gifts the girls are getting- I think I shopped well :-) My family gave money to spend on the girls (and us) so I was able to get some really nice gifts that I might not have been able to afford-though the K-Rudd bonus helped out there too. The big pressie from us to the girls is a little cubby house-am dreaming of hours of friendly, imaginative play. Yessss dreaming...... Looking forward to putting that together as well.

So my next week goes like this-
Thursday-This morning I'm hitting Coles and doing a shop to last us until in between xmas and new year. Am going to get some fruit and veg and also pick up a couple of things at Big W. Need to get Luke a nice xmas and birthday card at some stage too.
Friday-The girls have their last swimming lesson in the am and planning a cruisy afternoon-DVD's are on the cards.
Saturday-Luke may or may not be working-If he's not, maybe take our new zoo pass and go there.
Sunday-no plans. Sounds like a housework and catch up day. If it's warm enough (ha!) I'll wash the sheets.
Monday-Top up fruit and veg and anything I have forgotten.
Tuesday. Luke doing day shift and having break up party. Having morning tea with a friend and her kids. Might make Luke's birthday cake in the arvo with kids when Luke gets home.
Wednesday-Luke's 30th birthday!! Take him to his fave "restaurant" for breakfast (think golden arches...) . Go into the city and do all the xmassy stuff. Visit the aquarium and see the penguins and have lunch somewhere nice (I'm voting for the Pancake parlor mmmmmmm) and fuss over my lovely birthday boy. Home in the arvo and make spaghetti bolg for the family who are coming over for dinner. IF the kids can stay awake (again HA!) we'll take them to see the lights up the road. Put pressies under the xmas tree and set everything up-possible "birthday one" for the birthday boy lol. Sleep!

I think that's everything??? It might sound a little stressful but I love xmas and birthdays so I'm actually really into it all. 7 more sleeps people!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A painty afternoon

It's no secret that my lovely girls are fighting sisters-they like to fight about lots of things. It is just a crappy ol age gap right now. Tannah is into setting stuff up and playing games and Willow is, well, into wrecking stuff. Tannah has just learned the magic of possessions that are HERS, and while I don't expect her to share her special things, I also hate that her sister gets beaten up for touching. We are working on solutions that work for everyone but it is tough and I am finding it a real challenge-and I hate to say it but I'm not winning the battle of being respectful a lot of the time. But I am trying!!
So yesterday it was fight club all day so I thought I'd set up some painting and maybe they'd "get creative" and burn some energy that way. It was messy and there WAS fighting. But it was also a lot of fun-and the clean up wasn't as bad as it looks :-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Next year.....

I have been inspired by Kate at to create a theme for next year. Which is probably a fluffy way of saying-"oooh that's a good idea, I'll pinch that" lol. Thanks!
Anyway I have procrastinated on a lot this year and made a lot of excuses-we're moving, we're moving interstate, I'm pregnant, we're going on holiday and now-it's nearly christmas. So next year I'm going to commit to some things and recommit to some things that I have drifted away from.
So--2009 is COMMITMENT TIME!!!
Some things will be quite challenging and (I'm hoping) that some things will be easy. Here are a some-
-Willow and I will be wheat and dairy free to see if this helps her sleep and snot.
-reduce our insane consumer ways and try not to buy anything new (need to tweak the rules of this before we start). Thus saving money :-)
-stop buying meat and dairy and only using local free range eggs. Back to super healthy eating.
-put into practice a daily rhythm, steiner style. I have some great books on ideas around his and I really think it will help our day run smoother. But I do want it to be flexible....
-connect with other homeschooling families and start to make contacts there
-get the playgroup running as we imagined it would
-no more take-away! not only is it expensive it is rubbish food and I do admit that is is usually at my suggestion cause I can't be arsed.
-learn to sew, find a sewing machine and overlocker somewhere.....ebay??
-work on my "community" network and how to make it stronger(for everyone). Thinking of organizing a pot luck dinner once a month, a womens circle, a fruit and veg co-op, a clothes swap co-op and so well as staying involved with Babs and playgroup.
-not to mention some regular exercise, time and love for me-and some husband time......

It sounds like a lot-especially for a women with 2 little kids and one on the way (looking forward to meeting my little one next year!!) but some of it won't pan out for a bit and some of it os just a matter of shopping differently and being prepared.

My mantra for 2009 will be "I Nurture". It can apply to so much. I nurture-myself, my family,my children, my community, my planet, my relationships etc and the list can go on....
I just have to COMMIT to do it :-) and I am absolutely capable of that.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yep-we plan to. But it's one of those emotive topics that I find myself skating the edges of with people at times if I can't be bothered with the "why???" You don't have to have a million reasons for choosing what kind of school you send your kids to-public, private, steiner, boarding etc, but when you choose homeschooling you seem to get a lot of people getting their hackles up.
I get the impression that some think I am trying to keep the kids at home with me forever and not let them experience "the real world" or that I just can't let the control I have (ROFL!!) over the kids go. In reality it is far simpler than that.
My husband and I just think that home is a better place for kids learn and thrive.
But saying that brings up images of keeping them away from the population at large and having weirdo shut in kids. Anyone who actually knows what our life is like and how much stuff we do-with other people!-knows that we would all go crazy living like that.
But I do understand it isn't a decision that a lot of people make. Super cool with me. As a parent it is your decision as to how your children are schooled (or unschooled lol) but sometimes walking the road less traveled exhausts me with the explaining. And some topics I can talk about til the cows come home and some I have to be in the mood.
I never shut up about homebirthing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and other topics-even though some may not agree or think I'm strange. But homeschooling, vaccination and diet are some of the ones that people seem to get their knickers in a twist about and instead of agreeing to disagree want to challenge your choices. I'm all for a conversation about different views on things but I really hate it when people take how we are raising our kids personally-so sometimes I just don't have the energy to go there and I skirt the topic, or change it.

So if you see me next year and ask when Tannah is starting kinder.....the answer is, she isn't. She's homeschooled. Say it proud sista!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I love those cold and rainy nights when you can put your long PJ's on and snuggle into bed with the kids (they really do warm the bed up nicely lol). Listen to the rain outside and be thankful that I am warm and cozy under the doona. And when I wake the next day I tey to bargain with the girls for 5 more minutes in the nice warm bed before we're up and searching for ugg boots and jumpers.

But I really do prefer these nights and mornings in winter. I kinda like summer to be, well-HOT.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tannah is not in a good way at the moment. All the excitement about xmas and the new baby and she is still coming down from the big trip to QLD makes for one very hyper sensitive girl. Dear Tannah is a sea of emotion at the best of times, she really feels things-always has-but she is out of control lately!
All the little things are turning into BIG things. Like not being able to find her shoes in 5 seconds is a disaster. Cutting her toast wrong-disaster. Serving up something that she asked for but changed her mind about eating. Major disaster. The tears are a flowin' and I can't help but feel sorry for my lovely girl who is just like a pane of glass-fragile. But on the other hand guess who is copping the very worst of her mood? Willow.
Willow ADORES her big sister and wants to do everything that she does and be near her at all times. Problem is that Tannah sees Willow as one sees a mosquito-annoying and to be slapped at! Willow is being screamed at, pushed, hit, snatched off and generally treated like dirt by Tannah. She slammed her fingers in a drawer so hard today that Willow was doing that crying but no noise will come out thing. *sigh* I'm struggling to find solutions or even just keep Willow safe and out of the firing line cause she follows Tan around!
I'm trying to be all zen mama about it and "this too shall pass" but it gets frustrating!! I can deal with the tears and sadness and frustration of Tannah-she's 3, I'm trying to help her through it. But I hate seeing Willow constantly hurt-and not just physically, her little face drops every time Tannah takes it out on her. It must suck when your hero is so downright mean to you!

So I've got some Bush Flower Remedies coming, they seem to work for us. And I'm trying some Indigo Essences for something new. And I'm trying to just BE. Pay attention to them both and spend some time. As well as get some time for me and the belly baby. Limit the sugar and increase the sleep is always helpful. And just let both of them know that I love them, all the time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The name game

We have names picked out for this baby and just like other times I hear them everywhere once we decide(and agree!!) on a good one!
When we picked Willow I was all smug in my originality. It was all I like in a name. Beautiful, a little different without being downright odd and bit earthy. Perfect. So I take my baby belly off to an ABA meeting. Wher I met a mum with her baby. Yep WILLOW. Which started a lot of mums talking about how nice a name it is....and how many they know. But hwen I looked at Miss Willow it was just her name so no choice there. When we had Tannah all ready to go there was a contestant on "The Apprentice" called Tana. And when she did playgroup at steiner school there were 3 other Tannah's involved in the school. Also A LOT of people think we got Willow from Buffy (we didn't) and some of Luke's rello's actually think that Skye (Tan's middle name ) is because Luke is into Star Wars-get it, SKYEwalker (it isn't).
And of course people hate what you call your kids. When people say "oh that's unusual" It usually means "what a freaky name-weirdo's". But you can't please everyone.

So now to this baby's name. We have settled on Harper Bliss for a girl and Zen for a boy. Zen will either have Bodhi or Phoenix as a middle name-undecided. Feel free to give me your opinions-but we are happy with these names and you may just have to hate them or say "oh that's unusual" lol.
And for those of you who read the lovely soulemama blog-she has just had a baby boy HARPER.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting organised for Xmas

Presents are all bought (just need to pick up and pay for a couple), tree is up, cards are written, and we've been to our first xmas party. Have some baking to do and need to figure out what the girls will wear (I know-so important lol) on the day. Apart from that I just need to sort out something from the girls for Luke's birthday. I'm thinking about getting them to make a big card with their handprints and stuff on it. We are giving each other cash to go towards the new camping stuff we'll need for our extended family :-)
Definitely planning more trips in 2009 of the camping variety-and we are going away for 10 days next xmas to Echuca woo hoo. We just need some extra bits and bobs, not to mention a bigger tent.
Anyway, back to xmas... I'm looking forward to it that's for sure

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A tale of 2 births

I was putting these photos up on a forum as "first pics with you child" and I loved looking back at the pics of my girls on their first days. Obviously their births were polar opposites (and I think the pics tell that story on their own!) but that awesome feeling you get from meeting your child for the first time was the same.
Even though Tannah was literally dragged out with a ventouse as soon as she was in my arms and looking into my eyes she stopped crying and looked THROUGH me. It was the most intense thing. Like "I know you-Hi, here I am" and as out of it as I will remember that moment clearly for the rest of my life. It still upsets me however that that moment was so short and she was whisked away to be prodded at. Willow did a similar thing but it was all much more real and I was blissed out on hormones as opposed to zonked out on pethedine lol. I did however get quite some time to bask in that moment of meeting and really check her out and have her do the same to me.
Becoming a parent is such an amazing blessing (and challenge!) and the moment after that "whoosh" as they leave your body and join the outside world is just amazing. Holding that new little person that is from you and your man and yet all themselves is (for me) what life is all about. It still staggers me that immediate love I had for both of them-even though their births were so incredibly different. Tannah made me a mother and Willow made me a goddess.

So here are my first photos with my girls (there is some well placed towel action going on in Willow's lol)
This was a couple of hours after Tannah's birth. Unfortunately that very first cuddle isn't on the camera and I was finding it hard to hold her cause I felt to dopey-plus being stitched up etc. Her Daddy looked after her for that first bit.
This is about half an hour after Willow's birth-again I can't find the disc of the very first cuddle but there is quite a bit'o'boob showing in that one so I do prefer this one! Check out that post birth glow!

Aww I am so looking forward to meeting this one that is growing in my belly! And I will get to have the added surprise of finding out the sex.......

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hello my name is Shae and I'm a consumer!
I love "stuff" and I do buy lots of it-more than we can afford I hate to say. I am often inspired by people who take challenges to not buy anything new for a period of time and I'm toying with the idea (after xmas of course lol). I do try to consume form nice and ethically happy type places-but in the end a lot of it is still buying stuff we really don't need. Even if it is wooden, fair trade, organic etc.
So maybe I will take the challenge for January and see what happens. Try to source some items second hand. We need a wooden change table thingo with the levels to store nappies in (and change babies on) and I would really love an old school desk with storage so Tannah can have access to her drawing things. I'm pretty sure that I can source these things second hand-well I have no choice with a school desk....

As far as food and what my family eats we need to get our bums into gear there too. Willow needs to go dairy and wheat free. The rest of us were healthier when we were vegan if I'm going to be totally honest-but I'm not sure I am ready to give eggs up just yet-especially if they come from Kate's happy chooks. But the dead animal I can do without. We spend a lot more money on the weekly shop with animal product-even if we are eating mostly organic and buying healthy snacks (making them is WAY cheaper). So come new years I'm taking that challenge again too. No dairy or meat and only eggs that are organic free range-or from the Pickle farm :-) And if Willow is off wheat the I am too cause having it in her breastmilk is not a great idea lol. And as I do the shopping I imagine that all of us will be wheat free to avoid argument.

We have put the TV back in the cupboard-we have been without TV before and it was lovely. We have a portable DVD player so if I'm desperate or Tannah really needs to sit still and chill out for an hour I can use that. TV use always seems to creep up on us. We only watch a little, then a little more and so on and soon I'm watching hours at night and the kids are watching it all afternoon. And I have issues with what TV is and how bad it really is for kids-even if it buys some peace and quiet from time to time. So we have taken on the no TV challenge!

I just feel it's time to be more true to things that I believe in and walking the walk as well as talking the talk...Wish us luck! (in the new year that is)
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