Friday, December 19, 2008

Approaching Critical Mass.....

The neat little bump I've has growing in front of me has suddenly (it seems) turned into a huge ball.
The baby is starting to kick enough to keep me awake and getting comfortable in bed ain't what it used to be (read strategic pillow arrangement). Bending over to pick something up is often accompanied by a grunt or groan. I've lost a fair amount of my usual (stifle the urge to laugh please) grace and I'm definitely getting heartburn a lot more. The peeing in the middle of the night is more often and getting out of bed to do that (we have a couple of mattresses on the floor so we all fit!) must look oh so hilarious lol.
You would think I would find all of this irritating but I'm actually getting quite excited by it all (ask me again in 2 months lol) cause it means that our baby is getting bigger and it really isn't that long until we get to meet him or her. And with all that we have going on in between now and then (which is only 15 weeks eep!) time is just gonna fly.

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