Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas countdown

Only one week to go! I'm so excited! Lucky that I'm married to someone sane or all the presents would be opened by now. This year is going to be so ace cause Tannah is so into it this year. And Willow like to rip paper so everyone wins. I'm really happy with the gifts the girls are getting- I think I shopped well :-) My family gave money to spend on the girls (and us) so I was able to get some really nice gifts that I might not have been able to afford-though the K-Rudd bonus helped out there too. The big pressie from us to the girls is a little cubby house-am dreaming of hours of friendly, imaginative play. Yessss dreaming...... Looking forward to putting that together as well.

So my next week goes like this-
Thursday-This morning I'm hitting Coles and doing a shop to last us until in between xmas and new year. Am going to get some fruit and veg and also pick up a couple of things at Big W. Need to get Luke a nice xmas and birthday card at some stage too.
Friday-The girls have their last swimming lesson in the am and planning a cruisy afternoon-DVD's are on the cards.
Saturday-Luke may or may not be working-If he's not, maybe take our new zoo pass and go there.
Sunday-no plans. Sounds like a housework and catch up day. If it's warm enough (ha!) I'll wash the sheets.
Monday-Top up fruit and veg and anything I have forgotten.
Tuesday. Luke doing day shift and having break up party. Having morning tea with a friend and her kids. Might make Luke's birthday cake in the arvo with kids when Luke gets home.
Wednesday-Luke's 30th birthday!! Take him to his fave "restaurant" for breakfast (think golden arches...) . Go into the city and do all the xmassy stuff. Visit the aquarium and see the penguins and have lunch somewhere nice (I'm voting for the Pancake parlor mmmmmmm) and fuss over my lovely birthday boy. Home in the arvo and make spaghetti bolg for the family who are coming over for dinner. IF the kids can stay awake (again HA!) we'll take them to see the lights up the road. Put pressies under the xmas tree and set everything up-possible "birthday one" for the birthday boy lol. Sleep!

I think that's everything??? It might sound a little stressful but I love xmas and birthdays so I'm actually really into it all. 7 more sleeps people!!


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