Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting organised for Xmas

Presents are all bought (just need to pick up and pay for a couple), tree is up, cards are written, and we've been to our first xmas party. Have some baking to do and need to figure out what the girls will wear (I know-so important lol) on the day. Apart from that I just need to sort out something from the girls for Luke's birthday. I'm thinking about getting them to make a big card with their handprints and stuff on it. We are giving each other cash to go towards the new camping stuff we'll need for our extended family :-)
Definitely planning more trips in 2009 of the camping variety-and we are going away for 10 days next xmas to Echuca woo hoo. We just need some extra bits and bobs, not to mention a bigger tent.
Anyway, back to xmas... I'm looking forward to it that's for sure

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