Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tannah is not in a good way at the moment. All the excitement about xmas and the new baby and she is still coming down from the big trip to QLD makes for one very hyper sensitive girl. Dear Tannah is a sea of emotion at the best of times, she really feels things-always has-but she is out of control lately!
All the little things are turning into BIG things. Like not being able to find her shoes in 5 seconds is a disaster. Cutting her toast wrong-disaster. Serving up something that she asked for but changed her mind about eating. Major disaster. The tears are a flowin' and I can't help but feel sorry for my lovely girl who is just like a pane of glass-fragile. But on the other hand guess who is copping the very worst of her mood? Willow.
Willow ADORES her big sister and wants to do everything that she does and be near her at all times. Problem is that Tannah sees Willow as one sees a mosquito-annoying and to be slapped at! Willow is being screamed at, pushed, hit, snatched off and generally treated like dirt by Tannah. She slammed her fingers in a drawer so hard today that Willow was doing that crying but no noise will come out thing. *sigh* I'm struggling to find solutions or even just keep Willow safe and out of the firing line cause she follows Tan around!
I'm trying to be all zen mama about it and "this too shall pass" but it gets frustrating!! I can deal with the tears and sadness and frustration of Tannah-she's 3, I'm trying to help her through it. But I hate seeing Willow constantly hurt-and not just physically, her little face drops every time Tannah takes it out on her. It must suck when your hero is so downright mean to you!

So I've got some Bush Flower Remedies coming, they seem to work for us. And I'm trying some Indigo Essences for something new. And I'm trying to just BE. Pay attention to them both and spend some time. As well as get some time for me and the belly baby. Limit the sugar and increase the sleep is always helpful. And just let both of them know that I love them, all the time.

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Simi said...

Good luck, Bush Flowers have been excellent for Ben, I am sure they will be for Tannah too.

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