Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hi 2009!

It's early, the kids are cranky and toys seem to be everywhere. Can I go back to bed now??

But this is all because we had a lovely party last night with lovely friends-and I did not take a single photo-sorry! Too busy talking I guess. I had a great time and I even made it until about 12:01am before going to bed-for the first time in years I suspect. My friends are ace and all bought delicious food and great company. Even our friends who were the only ones there without kids seemed to enjoy themselves despite the kid to adult ratio being in favor of the kids.

I ate too much (again!!)and I have some serious cleaning to do today and it was all totally worth it.

So it's my actual birthday next Wed-the big three-oh! I'm gonna try and stretch it out for the whole week......

Much love and happy new year all :-)

1 comment:

katef said...

Thanks for having us... we had a great time!

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