Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The name game

We have names picked out for this baby and just like other times I hear them everywhere once we decide(and agree!!) on a good one!
When we picked Willow I was all smug in my originality. It was all I like in a name. Beautiful, a little different without being downright odd and bit earthy. Perfect. So I take my baby belly off to an ABA meeting. Wher I met a mum with her baby. Yep WILLOW. Which started a lot of mums talking about how nice a name it is....and how many they know. But hwen I looked at Miss Willow it was just her name so no choice there. When we had Tannah all ready to go there was a contestant on "The Apprentice" called Tana. And when she did playgroup at steiner school there were 3 other Tannah's involved in the school. Also A LOT of people think we got Willow from Buffy (we didn't) and some of Luke's rello's actually think that Skye (Tan's middle name ) is because Luke is into Star Wars-get it, SKYEwalker (it isn't).
And of course people hate what you call your kids. When people say "oh that's unusual" It usually means "what a freaky name-weirdo's". But you can't please everyone.

So now to this baby's name. We have settled on Harper Bliss for a girl and Zen for a boy. Zen will either have Bodhi or Phoenix as a middle name-undecided. Feel free to give me your opinions-but we are happy with these names and you may just have to hate them or say "oh that's unusual" lol.
And for those of you who read the lovely soulemama blog-she has just had a baby boy HARPER.


Pagan Rach said...

Phoenix is my middle name of choice for a boy at the moment. Zara would have been Rowan Phoenix :)

loz said...

Isn't it always the way we were at a party on Sunday and including E there were 3 Elijah's all born within months of each other, we thought we were being so original with K's spelling and yep you guessed it we have met another 2 boys locally one we know seen our birth announcement in the paper lol..

Names are names once you decide on ones you love then not much is gong to sway you from it, I love the names you have picked out we haven't even discussed many here I think I know what this babes name will be but shall wait til we meet them:) Too much influence from E and K atm they both have such amazing names they come up with and well DH gets involved too we just can't win lol

Lith said...

I think Harper is an awesome name (I like it a lot more for a girl btw, makes it stronger, more unique, less surname-ish). It's not one that I would pick for my family because I tend to go for boring, old and conservative names, but I think it goes beautifully with Tannah and Willow (also both very lovely names but ones I wouldn't use).

Simi said...

I love the names you have chosen, if we had known about Zen when we had Ben..well, he'd be that :-)

People think we named Arki after Elle McPhersons ex, we didn't.

YOu can't please everyone so don't bother trying.

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