Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Next year.....

I have been inspired by Kate at www.pickelbums.com to create a theme for next year. Which is probably a fluffy way of saying-"oooh that's a good idea, I'll pinch that" lol. Thanks!
Anyway I have procrastinated on a lot this year and made a lot of excuses-we're moving, we're moving interstate, I'm pregnant, we're going on holiday and now-it's nearly christmas. So next year I'm going to commit to some things and recommit to some things that I have drifted away from.
So--2009 is COMMITMENT TIME!!!
Some things will be quite challenging and (I'm hoping) that some things will be easy. Here are a some-
-Willow and I will be wheat and dairy free to see if this helps her sleep and snot.
-reduce our insane consumer ways and try not to buy anything new (need to tweak the rules of this before we start). Thus saving money :-)
-stop buying meat and dairy and only using local free range eggs. Back to super healthy eating.
-put into practice a daily rhythm, steiner style. I have some great books on ideas around his and I really think it will help our day run smoother. But I do want it to be flexible....
-connect with other homeschooling families and start to make contacts there
-get the playgroup running as we imagined it would
-no more take-away! not only is it expensive it is rubbish food and I do admit that is is usually at my suggestion cause I can't be arsed.
-learn to sew, find a sewing machine and overlocker somewhere.....ebay??
-work on my "community" network and how to make it stronger(for everyone). Thinking of organizing a pot luck dinner once a month, a womens circle, a fruit and veg co-op, a clothes swap co-op and so on.......as well as staying involved with Babs and playgroup.
-not to mention some regular exercise, time and love for me-and some husband time......

It sounds like a lot-especially for a women with 2 little kids and one on the way (looking forward to meeting my little one next year!!) but some of it won't pan out for a bit and some of it os just a matter of shopping differently and being prepared.

My mantra for 2009 will be "I Nurture". It can apply to so much. I nurture-myself, my family,my children, my community, my planet, my relationships etc and the list can go on....
I just have to COMMIT to do it :-) and I am absolutely capable of that.

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katef said...

you are welcome!
Nodding along as I read your list... will be hoping to tag along with some of your goals too... I'll nurture you if you'll balance me!

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