Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A painty afternoon

It's no secret that my lovely girls are fighting sisters-they like to fight about lots of things. It is just a crappy ol age gap right now. Tannah is into setting stuff up and playing games and Willow is, well, into wrecking stuff. Tannah has just learned the magic of possessions that are HERS, and while I don't expect her to share her special things, I also hate that her sister gets beaten up for touching. We are working on solutions that work for everyone but it is tough and I am finding it a real challenge-and I hate to say it but I'm not winning the battle of being respectful a lot of the time. But I am trying!!
So yesterday it was fight club all day so I thought I'd set up some painting and maybe they'd "get creative" and burn some energy that way. It was messy and there WAS fighting. But it was also a lot of fun-and the clean up wasn't as bad as it looks :-)


Leah said...

oh gosh, they look precious LOL and good on you for keeping on trying! I am sure they'll be bff one day :)

katef said...

looks like fun... well except for the clean up. Roll on warm weather so our kids can fight out side and leave us in peace!

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