Thursday, December 4, 2008

A tale of 2 births

I was putting these photos up on a forum as "first pics with you child" and I loved looking back at the pics of my girls on their first days. Obviously their births were polar opposites (and I think the pics tell that story on their own!) but that awesome feeling you get from meeting your child for the first time was the same.
Even though Tannah was literally dragged out with a ventouse as soon as she was in my arms and looking into my eyes she stopped crying and looked THROUGH me. It was the most intense thing. Like "I know you-Hi, here I am" and as out of it as I will remember that moment clearly for the rest of my life. It still upsets me however that that moment was so short and she was whisked away to be prodded at. Willow did a similar thing but it was all much more real and I was blissed out on hormones as opposed to zonked out on pethedine lol. I did however get quite some time to bask in that moment of meeting and really check her out and have her do the same to me.
Becoming a parent is such an amazing blessing (and challenge!) and the moment after that "whoosh" as they leave your body and join the outside world is just amazing. Holding that new little person that is from you and your man and yet all themselves is (for me) what life is all about. It still staggers me that immediate love I had for both of them-even though their births were so incredibly different. Tannah made me a mother and Willow made me a goddess.

So here are my first photos with my girls (there is some well placed towel action going on in Willow's lol)
This was a couple of hours after Tannah's birth. Unfortunately that very first cuddle isn't on the camera and I was finding it hard to hold her cause I felt to dopey-plus being stitched up etc. Her Daddy looked after her for that first bit.
This is about half an hour after Willow's birth-again I can't find the disc of the very first cuddle but there is quite a bit'o'boob showing in that one so I do prefer this one! Check out that post birth glow!

Aww I am so looking forward to meeting this one that is growing in my belly! And I will get to have the added surprise of finding out the sex.......


Anonymous said...

Hi your blog! are you still trying to sell your phil and teds?

shae said...

No not selling the Phil and Ted,s anymore sorry :-(

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