Friday, December 26, 2008

*yawn* recovering.

I have lots to blog about-and lots of pics to upload. But I'm going to give a quick update.
We did the city on xmas eve-which was lovely Luke's 30th birthday. Brekkie at Maccas, the train, the window at Myer, lunch at the pancake parlour and the aquarium. We had the family round for dinner as well. It was lovely but I ate too much and did WAY too much. I have been struggling to catch up ever since.
Xmas day was fabulous. Again I ate too much (do I learn? Lol) but the kids had a blast and the company was great. I'm so glad we do the whole "christmas thing"- it's really lovely.
Today we went to spend our voucher at the camping shop cause the sale was on. We got an ACE tent and then hit a shopping center to see if any other good stuff was on sale. Needless to say we were out for most of the day.

So this is not a complaint post, just letting you know I'm around but spending a lot of home time on the couch getting over the festivities!! I swear I've put on 5kg in the last week lol.

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katef said...

Glad to hear you guys had a great Christmas!

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