Friday, January 30, 2009

Camping out-grandparent style

If you live in Australia and have heard any sort of news you will know that Melbourne is in the middle of a heatwave-This will be our 5th day over 40 degrees. The night temperature isn't much fun either-we're not gettibg the blissful nightly cool change that we're used to.
Our house is environmentally friendly in a way that I wished it wasn't this week. We have no air conditioning. My inlaws live about 5 minutes away and they have air con (and a fancy fast computer oohhh) and an outdoor spa that fits 10 people in it. The lure of sleep NOT in a pool of sweat between my boobs was enough for us to pack up and come "camp"here for a few days. It was even my Mother-in-law's birthday yesterday so we all got to go out for dinner-bonus!'
Another bonus is it is too hot for Luke to work. Can you believe it? The weather is so crazy stinking hot that if he goes in he has to sit in the tea room and wait for the temperature to drop below a certain degrees before work can start. So Luke is taking 2 carers days to help me with the kids. Not a lie-I am really struggling with th heat, being so pregnant! I am so grateful that I'm not ready to go-a homebirth in this heat with no air con sounds like hell.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The inside-outside game

C'mon Melbournites, I bet you are playing it right now. If you don't have air con that is (and a big jealous raspberry to you if you do!).Melbourne is in the middle of the worst heatwave in 100 years-we expect more than 4 days (I think it's 6?) of 40degrees plus weather. It sucks basically.
Inside-outside game is when you open a window or door to see if the temperature is still hotter outside than in. You will have had your house shut up all day-blinds, windows, awnings if you have them to keep out the horrid hot air. But at some time in the early evening the balance will shift and the temp will be cooler outside so you run around and open up anything you can for some fresh and cool air. You want to give the house a chance to cool down-even if it is by 10 degrees-before the fun and games start again tomorrow.

I have lived in Melbourne for about 7 years and the weather is crappy a lot of the time. But I grew up in south east Queensland where the weather is lovely most of the time. It has been an adjustment! But there are 3 things that I think will shit me as long as I live here.

1-The unpredictability. Sure it's hot today but next week I could be back in a jumper. I never knew how much I appreciated being able to know it would be warm from say..September til April until I lived here! The key is take a jumper, everywhere. My first xmas in Melbourne I wore a jumper, in December, and I cried.
2-The short days of winter. The limited sunlight in winter affects my mood. Ask anyone who knows me lol. When I used to work in the city and catch the train I left in the pitch black and retirned in the same. Not good for the happy hormones.
3-Dry heat. Closing up the house when it's hot still doesn't seem right. I want to let cool breeze in to circulate some air a la QLD. But if I do that it is like standing in front of a heater. Luke nearly had to tie my hands together to stop me opening windows my first summer here. I need to breathe dammit!

I am one who rarely compains about heat-in fact I enjoy the odd really really hot day. And the fun and games of inside-outside, who wouldn't. But being 31 weeks pregnant and stuck home without the car and no air conditioning-for 6 days!'s enough to make anyone whine. I do feel very lucky that I'm not in labour however!

Hope you are all keeping as cool as you can my local friends.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple pleasures


My girls!
It might seem like a no brainer but I really do love my kids. I know I don't appreciate them nearly enough. Some days are tough and sometimes I'm tired and some days I just plain struggle with the enormity of raising these precious creatures. The way I want to support them while they grow and how I actually do isn't always the same but I do try! It's been the most incredible learning journey for me, becoming a mother. It is by far the very best and very hardest thing I've ever done. I feel truly blessed to have Tannah and Willow along for the journey-and we get to meet another passenger in a matter of weeks!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Woot!! Auntie Shae again!!

My brother and his lovely fiancee welcomed Caleb Levi into the world yesterday.
Apparently he looks like his sister-so I imagine he's beautiful. We are going up in 2 weeks just to meet him and get some squishy newborn snuggles.

Cluck cluck cluck

Thursday, January 22, 2009

She talks!

Willow's vocab has expanded from "NO" to many more words, and I'm rapt!
She says Mummy and Daddy, Tannah (nan-nah),yes,thanks (tanx), water, dolly, nappy (bap-pee, which means "change me!") Boo (for breastmilk beewwwww), Pa, and most importantly bilby lol (we saw one at healseville and she liked it ). She has other words as well and is starting to have a crack at stuff and try and repeat it back to you-this morning she tried "corn flakes".
I have really struggled having to wait for her to be ready to talk and it's hard not to compare when Tannah was speaking in 2 and 3 word sentences by the same age. Of course they are all different and do things when they are ready-but asking for stuff is handy!
She has started that super cute babble with her imaginative play too. making the dolls/animals "talk" to each other. awwwwww

Her fave and most often spoken word is still "nononononoononononononono NO!" ROFL. Lil firecracker, she's a handful and I love her just as she is :-)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Old friends

Luke took the kids to the zoo on Saturday. A couple of his mates have kids but are separated form the mothers and they had their kids for the weekend. A Dad day with all the kids was the plan for them(woot for me-a free day!).
I decided to go into the city and have a wander. There are some lovely shops in and around the city that are just crap to go to with kids-not to mention the lure of a vego lunch! On a whim I decided to text an old friend who I don't see much of since I've had kids.
She was a bridesmaid in our wedding and we used to hang out HEAPS. Her life is so very different to mine and she is one of those people who really don't want to hang out with a bunch of little people all day. Don't get me wrong-I don't begrudge her this. I really don't want to hang out in a bar with pissed people either lol. We are just on different paths at the moment, and that's OK. But I figured the lure of coffee and me on a child-free day might be a good opportunity for a catch up.
It was so lovely to see her! And we talked and laughed like old times (minus the beer and champagne) lots of catching up and blah blah blah ROFL and stuff like that.

It was nice to have a HOT coffee too I must admit.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Willow was tearing around chasing Tannah a couple of days ago when she tripped and fell. Her face hit the wooden bedframe on the single bed in Tannah's room. As I picked her up I could see blood coming out of her mouth and an indent of her teeth in her bottom lip. She was crying but a quick boob (or as she calls is "beeewwww") fixed her up, I wiped the blood off (me and her!) and she got straight back in the game. I gave her an arnica tablet and didn't think much more about it cause it didn't seem to be worrying her.
The next day however (after a crappy nights sleep) I had a good look and realised she had actually put her teeth THROUGH her lip! The hole on the inside is decent and there is an actual mark on the outside where the teeth came through. Still-it isn't bothering her, it cerainly hasn't affected her eating! I guess she's been a little more clingy, but we've been out and about too.
Not much else I could have done really-I'm not sure that it would have been stitched-and if so it would have only been a couple. And my little firecracker would have needed a general anaesthetic for that! (that I'm not sure I would have been OK with for the sake of a couple of stitches)
I've upped the arnica and am fussing over her poor mouth-with a big juicy fat lip!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oops-forgot I'm not normal!

Was at the pool this morning and Tannah was having a play with some kids her age so their Mum and I started chatting-as you do. She was saying she'd had a bugger of a night with kids wetting the bed and she was buggered. I told her I knew the feeling cause Willow wakes at 4amish and wants to sleep ON TOP of me. Very annoying.
"But how does she get out of her cot?" sez nice lady
"well we don't have a cot-she sleeps with us" sez I
"What about the older one?"
"yep her too"
uncomfortable silence
"so where are you having the baby"sez nice lady
"at home-Willow was born at home too" sez me
uncomfortable silence
"it's really going to be hot today huh?" sez nice lady

ROFL I guess the bulk of my friends now are all weirdos (yes probably YOU) and I forget that some of our parenting stuff is not mainstream and can be confronting for people who haven't encountered it before. Lordy am I normal in relation to my peers-being those I hang out with?? *wipes away tear* Normal huh? There is a first time for everything......

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm in my 30's....

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 30 :-)
I planned to have some photo's from various parts of my life to put up but I forgot to give them to my scanner owning friend. Sorry-will do in the next week or so.

So was this where I thought I'd be at the big three-oh? I guess it kinda is and it isn't. I always knew I wanted kids and I wanted to stay home and look after them. Did I ever think I would be as settled and blissfully happy as I am? Not really. It has been a bonus to discover that I truly love being a mother and wife-even though some days it is hard (OK really hard sometimes) and challenges me daily there is nothing I'd rather be doing. I have learned more about myself since having kids that I learned the whole rest of my life. As wild'n'crazy as I was in my younger years I am truly settled and content. Sure I read the gig guide sometimes and think that maybe seeing You Am I would be perhaps more fun than the Play School band-but it's all worth it. And I love spending nights at home with my husband rather than going out on the piss and having a nasty hangover the next day. That all sounds terribly responsible and some of my friends would laugh their asses off at the thought of me not drinking or smoking-in fact being really health conscious and aware of what I put in my body. Not to mention the fact that we have no TV by choice and all the other "hippy" type things we do.
It's all been a journey-and there is still plenty to go-but I'm loving 30 so far. I feel like I know who I am and have nothing to prove and no one to impress.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is missing from this list??

Here is what I organized for our morning at the local pool-

-borrowed car from the inlaws
-stroller, floaties, inflatable ring for Willow
-towels for us all
-kids swimmers, swim nappies (inc spares and wipes etc)
-snacks, drinks, fruit
-hats, sunscreen
Looks pretty complete doesn't it?

How about my swimmers? No, they were at home folded neatly in the drawer. And there is no way I could have made do in what I was wearing (given my *ahem* size now it was NOT an option).
Leave stroller with staff , take kids for drive to get swimmers and try again.

And a fine morning was had by all :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Stupid rabbit!!!

We have rabbits- a girl named Flora and a boy named Schnitzel Von Krumm. We also are trying our hand at growing veggies. We have enclosed the garden cause the rabbits free range it and eat the weeds a bit.
So what do you think happened today while I was playing inside with the girls. Bloody Flora got into the garden and ate all the flowers we just got on the strawberry plant and some of the flowers on the tomato plant. Aaagggrrrhhhh!! Lucky I have gone back to vego or there would be rabbit stew tonight.....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anti-consumersim challenge 2009!

So we are going to try this out :-) Here are our guidelines.....

The things we can buy brand new are
-Food. We will not be buying meat and I'm going to aim for local and/or organic produce and local eggs. Obviously supermarket stuff will be as little as possible. Home cookin'! Aviod take-away at all cost! Esp big evil chains lol.
-Hygiene,health and vitamins etc
-underwear/socks/shoes/linen (if needed) will source best opitions.
-Things to make living more sustainable. Things to set up our veggie garden and stuff like that.
-Homeschool stuff. If I need it :-)
-I am going to buy a food dehydrator with some birthday money and when bubs grows out of the newborn (lush and fancy) nappies we are borrowing I will probably buy a stash of nappies. The nappies do make life more sustainable though (even if they are purty)
-Some family and friends will get newly bought gifts for birthdays etc. I will try and make some and source good second hand gear. Not for everyone :-) Those I do buy new will be local/fair trade etc.

I think that's it. I'm going to struggle with aspects of this A LOT. I buy the kids stuff all over the place and clothes might be sucky as I'm used to just walking into a shop and buying what I "need" or ordering it online. We do eat a bit of take-away I hate to admit- but we will all benefit form giving that away!

Have more "sustainable" plans for the future also......but wish me luck on this for now!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hi 2009!

It's early, the kids are cranky and toys seem to be everywhere. Can I go back to bed now??

But this is all because we had a lovely party last night with lovely friends-and I did not take a single photo-sorry! Too busy talking I guess. I had a great time and I even made it until about 12:01am before going to bed-for the first time in years I suspect. My friends are ace and all bought delicious food and great company. Even our friends who were the only ones there without kids seemed to enjoy themselves despite the kid to adult ratio being in favor of the kids.

I ate too much (again!!)and I have some serious cleaning to do today and it was all totally worth it.

So it's my actual birthday next Wed-the big three-oh! I'm gonna try and stretch it out for the whole week......

Much love and happy new year all :-)
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