Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anti-consumersim challenge 2009!

So we are going to try this out :-) Here are our guidelines.....

The things we can buy brand new are
-Food. We will not be buying meat and I'm going to aim for local and/or organic produce and local eggs. Obviously supermarket stuff will be as little as possible. Home cookin'! Aviod take-away at all cost! Esp big evil chains lol.
-Hygiene,health and vitamins etc
-underwear/socks/shoes/linen (if needed) will source best opitions.
-Things to make living more sustainable. Things to set up our veggie garden and stuff like that.
-Homeschool stuff. If I need it :-)
-I am going to buy a food dehydrator with some birthday money and when bubs grows out of the newborn (lush and fancy) nappies we are borrowing I will probably buy a stash of nappies. The nappies do make life more sustainable though (even if they are purty)
-Some family and friends will get newly bought gifts for birthdays etc. I will try and make some and source good second hand gear. Not for everyone :-) Those I do buy new will be local/fair trade etc.

I think that's it. I'm going to struggle with aspects of this A LOT. I buy the kids stuff all over the place and clothes might be sucky as I'm used to just walking into a shop and buying what I "need" or ordering it online. We do eat a bit of take-away I hate to admit- but we will all benefit form giving that away!

Have more "sustainable" plans for the future also......but wish me luck on this for now!

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