Friday, January 30, 2009

Camping out-grandparent style

If you live in Australia and have heard any sort of news you will know that Melbourne is in the middle of a heatwave-This will be our 5th day over 40 degrees. The night temperature isn't much fun either-we're not gettibg the blissful nightly cool change that we're used to.
Our house is environmentally friendly in a way that I wished it wasn't this week. We have no air conditioning. My inlaws live about 5 minutes away and they have air con (and a fancy fast computer oohhh) and an outdoor spa that fits 10 people in it. The lure of sleep NOT in a pool of sweat between my boobs was enough for us to pack up and come "camp"here for a few days. It was even my Mother-in-law's birthday yesterday so we all got to go out for dinner-bonus!'
Another bonus is it is too hot for Luke to work. Can you believe it? The weather is so crazy stinking hot that if he goes in he has to sit in the tea room and wait for the temperature to drop below a certain degrees before work can start. So Luke is taking 2 carers days to help me with the kids. Not a lie-I am really struggling with th heat, being so pregnant! I am so grateful that I'm not ready to go-a homebirth in this heat with no air con sounds like hell.

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