Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The inside-outside game

C'mon Melbournites, I bet you are playing it right now. If you don't have air con that is (and a big jealous raspberry to you if you do!).Melbourne is in the middle of the worst heatwave in 100 years-we expect more than 4 days (I think it's 6?) of 40degrees plus weather. It sucks basically.
Inside-outside game is when you open a window or door to see if the temperature is still hotter outside than in. You will have had your house shut up all day-blinds, windows, awnings if you have them to keep out the horrid hot air. But at some time in the early evening the balance will shift and the temp will be cooler outside so you run around and open up anything you can for some fresh and cool air. You want to give the house a chance to cool down-even if it is by 10 degrees-before the fun and games start again tomorrow.

I have lived in Melbourne for about 7 years and the weather is crappy a lot of the time. But I grew up in south east Queensland where the weather is lovely most of the time. It has been an adjustment! But there are 3 things that I think will shit me as long as I live here.

1-The unpredictability. Sure it's hot today but next week I could be back in a jumper. I never knew how much I appreciated being able to know it would be warm from say..September til April until I lived here! The key is take a jumper, everywhere. My first xmas in Melbourne I wore a jumper, in December, and I cried.
2-The short days of winter. The limited sunlight in winter affects my mood. Ask anyone who knows me lol. When I used to work in the city and catch the train I left in the pitch black and retirned in the same. Not good for the happy hormones.
3-Dry heat. Closing up the house when it's hot still doesn't seem right. I want to let cool breeze in to circulate some air a la QLD. But if I do that it is like standing in front of a heater. Luke nearly had to tie my hands together to stop me opening windows my first summer here. I need to breathe dammit!

I am one who rarely compains about heat-in fact I enjoy the odd really really hot day. And the fun and games of inside-outside, who wouldn't. But being 31 weeks pregnant and stuck home without the car and no air conditioning-for 6 days!'s enough to make anyone whine. I do feel very lucky that I'm not in labour however!

Hope you are all keeping as cool as you can my local friends.


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