Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oops-forgot I'm not normal!

Was at the pool this morning and Tannah was having a play with some kids her age so their Mum and I started chatting-as you do. She was saying she'd had a bugger of a night with kids wetting the bed and she was buggered. I told her I knew the feeling cause Willow wakes at 4amish and wants to sleep ON TOP of me. Very annoying.
"But how does she get out of her cot?" sez nice lady
"well we don't have a cot-she sleeps with us" sez I
"What about the older one?"
"yep her too"
uncomfortable silence
"so where are you having the baby"sez nice lady
"at home-Willow was born at home too" sez me
uncomfortable silence
"it's really going to be hot today huh?" sez nice lady

ROFL I guess the bulk of my friends now are all weirdos (yes probably YOU) and I forget that some of our parenting stuff is not mainstream and can be confronting for people who haven't encountered it before. Lordy am I normal in relation to my peers-being those I hang out with?? *wipes away tear* Normal huh? There is a first time for everything......


katef said...

Normal? You stinky hippy vegan lady?? HA!
Now I, I am normal... and still forget how weird I am till I talk to someone totally mainstream! LOL

loz said...

Hahaha the bubble gets bigger as they get older I think lol Can you imagine the conversation when she went home? Haha

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