Thursday, January 22, 2009

She talks!

Willow's vocab has expanded from "NO" to many more words, and I'm rapt!
She says Mummy and Daddy, Tannah (nan-nah),yes,thanks (tanx), water, dolly, nappy (bap-pee, which means "change me!") Boo (for breastmilk beewwwww), Pa, and most importantly bilby lol (we saw one at healseville and she liked it ). She has other words as well and is starting to have a crack at stuff and try and repeat it back to you-this morning she tried "corn flakes".
I have really struggled having to wait for her to be ready to talk and it's hard not to compare when Tannah was speaking in 2 and 3 word sentences by the same age. Of course they are all different and do things when they are ready-but asking for stuff is handy!
She has started that super cute babble with her imaginative play too. making the dolls/animals "talk" to each other. awwwwww

Her fave and most often spoken word is still "nononononoononononononono NO!" ROFL. Lil firecracker, she's a handful and I love her just as she is :-)

1 comment:

katef said...

jealous here.. but you know that already! And she is a firecracker but al ovely little firecracker ... which you also know already!

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