Saturday, January 17, 2009


Willow was tearing around chasing Tannah a couple of days ago when she tripped and fell. Her face hit the wooden bedframe on the single bed in Tannah's room. As I picked her up I could see blood coming out of her mouth and an indent of her teeth in her bottom lip. She was crying but a quick boob (or as she calls is "beeewwww") fixed her up, I wiped the blood off (me and her!) and she got straight back in the game. I gave her an arnica tablet and didn't think much more about it cause it didn't seem to be worrying her.
The next day however (after a crappy nights sleep) I had a good look and realised she had actually put her teeth THROUGH her lip! The hole on the inside is decent and there is an actual mark on the outside where the teeth came through. Still-it isn't bothering her, it cerainly hasn't affected her eating! I guess she's been a little more clingy, but we've been out and about too.
Not much else I could have done really-I'm not sure that it would have been stitched-and if so it would have only been a couple. And my little firecracker would have needed a general anaesthetic for that! (that I'm not sure I would have been OK with for the sake of a couple of stitches)
I've upped the arnica and am fussing over her poor mouth-with a big juicy fat lip!

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katef said...

ouch... but better to under-react when she is obviously coping ok than over react and induce a major melt down! Hope the lip is better soon!

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