Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ethics and food.

It's a minefield!

I am a vegetarian-I have been on and off for years. I have even done a stint as a vegan. I try really hard to avoid dairy at the moment too. Not only is it weird and a little gross in my opinion to drink cow milk (why not dog or horse milk?) but dairy makes Willow crazy and I try to keep it out of my breastmilk! I am super egg fussy. I eat them but 95% of the time they are uber expensive organic free range or freebies form the Picklefarm :-)
The factory farming of meat is cruel-organic or free range is less cruel but still crap for the environment. Same goes for milk. Don't start me on caged eggs.
So you would think if you went vegan then you would be doing your bit for cruelty to animals AND the environment-making you a pretty ethical eater right? WRONG.
Being vegan DOES take the cruelty to animals factor out of the equation. Then you have to contend with genetically modified ingredients, organic versus non organic, food miles,fair trade, packaging and even what bloody corporation owns the product you have bought because they might be horrible (like Nestle). It's hard. And annoying!
It's annoying that I even care! It's hard enough that I'm on the lookout for animal ingredients, wheat, preservatives and colours.....then I find myself looking for GMO and where the thing is made etc etc.

It also makes shopping expensive!!! A lot of the "better" brands are more expensive cause they use better ingredients-even the local ones.

I guess it's just got me a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Of course we don't eat that well all the time! Hell I had half a block of chocolate last night-with dairy and cocoa from child slaves! I didn't sit around and let the guilt eat me up (no pun intended lol) but I just wish is was easier.....


Sif said...

I'm totally overwhelmed by it!

If I dropped the no fat milk (and currently yogurt, tho I HAVE to drop that, I think as it has an unpleasant affect on my plumbing, LOL), then I'd be vegan (only in the food sense, not the clothing or other products sense).

It would be a very simple step really, I CAN drink tea without milk. But I'm so spoiled and feel positively deprived!

But I have a huge guilt thing about eating animal products. I don't even tend to be a person who feels guilt much, but I do feel guilt about this...

I'm just rambling here, because honestly, as soon as I get this op done, I'll probably go all weak and omnivorish again, hahaha (and actually, considering the Allen's lollies I eat, I'm probably no where near vegan...)...

Sazz said...

I so hear you, Shae!!! I've given up and burried my head in the sand for the last couple of years after becoming overwhelmed and feeling hopeless :( I've spent those years loathing my inadequacy and lack of motivation to do what I was once so passionate about.

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