Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hairdresser conversation

I took Tannah to the hairdresser for a little fix up of the hack job she (and I) did of her hair a few weeks ago.
She was a lovely young woman who asked Tannah lots of questions to keep her occupied. Not that she needed to win Miss T over-she loved every minute of it! Anyway, again she asked questions that got some unexpected answers lol-I must attract it!
HD "so do you have any brothers and sisters?"
T" Yes-her name is Willow Rain"
HD "oh you must like having a sister"
T "NO! She is a funny bumhead and I don't like her. She hits me"
HD "but you MUST like your sisters!"
T "no Mum says I just have to not hurt her, but I don't have to like her"

I get a funny sideways look from the HD-I am inwardly stoked that at least she is listening to that sentence that I say quite often!

HD "when the baby come are you going to help Mummy?"
T "no-that's not my job" (I know ROFL)
HD "but Mummy will need help with bathing and you could give the baby a bottle!"
T "babies have Boo's, they don't need bottles"
HD "what is a boo? is that like a word for bottle?"
T "Mummy has boo's"

I jump in and explain that that is a word for breastmilk in our house-I get the "oh"

Poor love turns to me-

HD "what hospital sre you going to?"
S" I'm having our baby at home"
HD "OH! can you do that-I mean are you allowed?"
S" yeah-you can choose to birth your baby wherever you like"
HD "so a DR comes to your house?"
S "no, we are having a midwife"
HD "what if something goes wrong?"
S "well we would go to hospital if we needed intervention-if the midwife couldn't take care of it with her stuff"
HD "so an ambulance just waits at your house in case ?" ( ???)
S "umm no"
HD "what about drugs-you know for the pain?"
S " I've had one drugged up hospital birth and one drug free homebirth and the drug free one was much less painful and much easier"

At this point the apprentice pipes in (she must have been just at leaving school age) with
"God women have been having babies forever, I guess if there is no reason to go to hospital then why would you go? You don't want to hurt your baby-right? You would just go if you needed to."

And it was my turn to be a little taken aback-all the truth of it right there. From the mouth of a woman who had probably not even given a thought to having her own babies. She totally got it.

As we left the HD said "good luck!" and the apprentice waved her hand and said "you'll be fine-it's your 3rd. You know how it goes!"

Good on her...future homebirther perhaps?


loz said...

What a classic that is one visit to the hairdresser as mother and daughter to remember for the future ROFL Glad some good came from the conversation though lol

Stitch Sista said...

LOVE it. I sure do hope the apprentice remembers what she said to you if she ever has her own babies!

Anonymous said...

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