Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hard Yards

Part of my love of my idea of homeschooling is that it is child led-meaning that we can learn things from what your child is interested in at that time. Also we can do things that the kids enjoy-cause they are just picking stuff up all the time form everywhere.
Tannah wants to "do stuff" at the moment. She has hit a stage in her development where she is feeling much more confident and social and wants to be where the people are (no Ariel-not see them dancing however) This suits me too. If we bum around home too much she drives me mad with requests for TV and fights with her sister.
As an added bonus Luke has got himself a carpool buddy. This means we have the car 3 afternoons a week!! So we can do more "stuff".
Sounds like fun huh? And most of the time it is. But I have been dragging my hugely pregnant arse around town in the afternoons with 2 kids in tow. Can I get a big yawn and a lie down please?
But Tannah is really thriving with the couple of extra kid activities a week (and the extra burning of energy is doing Willow no harm either lol) so all is worth it. And of course I feel like I'm wearing my good Mama badge cause I listened to what she wanted and found a way to meet her need. Tough gig, this parenting thing, at times!

Now I'm off for a hot drink and a lie down after story time at the library can that little Willow run.

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Sif said...

See this is where our homeschooling experience started to fall apart. I just could not get out enough with the kids and no car. I think it's pretty key to homeschooling to either live in a small enough community that walking is fine or to have a car (or not have small babies to drag around as well, because little kids and all day public transport just don't mix)...

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