Monday, February 16, 2009

How long til the baby comes???

Not long!
This has been the fastest pregnancy. I can't believe that I am 33 weeks pregnant-if this baby comes at about the same time as the girls did I'm only looking at about another 5 weeks. But, of course, this baby will come when it's good and ready.
I have been trying to sort out stuff in preparation ( a good and organized Capricorn am I) like actually finding the stored bag of baby clothes and borrowing some teeny tiny fitted nappies for it's bum the first few months. Not to mention my box 'o' birthing stuff like the pool and drop sheets etc.
We have pretty much everything we need except for a few bits and pieces, mostly non-essential, disposable type stuff. I could just use cloth nappies, pads and liners but it is handy to have a few of each in the disposable variety. As green and non chemical as possible of course!
Luke is having time off after bubs arrives so I'm not going nuts and cooking and freezing-he is a very capable man and whipping up some dinners should be no problem. Of course I will have some meals made for me as well (hint to locals lol).
I am currently planning my Blessingway with the help of the lovely Kate (OK she is doing pretty much all the work). Now THAT should be fun-friends, food and fussing-over me me meeeee haha.
Feeding Willow is not all that fun at present so it is nice that the end of the pregnancy is in sight and there will be much more milk there for her so it should become much nicer to breastfeed. For both of us!
I don't feel at all worried about the birth. I am somewhat shitting myself about how it's going to go with 3 kids. Mainly cause my lovely Willow is such a firecracker and really does take up a lot of time some days. Curious how tandem feeding will go. The co-sleeping arrangements should be interesting too-we have a huge 2 mattress on the floor set up but it's musical positions a lot of the time. I guess baby will be in the crook of my arm and as long as a boob is close he/she will be happy.
I guess it's not worth stressing about any of it-it's going to work how it works. I'm sure some times are going to be just plain old hard and some times are going to be lovely. I am getting excited about meeting our baby and becoming a family of 5 :-)

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