Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So the nesting begings....

I have waited for ages to have that feeling of the "baby will be here soon-must get organized". I have been in some kind of weird denial about how long I actually have before this baby is in my arms. But good ol' hormones have taken over and I'm pleased to say I'm getting a little organized and also a little excited about meeting our baby.
This weekend I decided I must wash everything that the baby could possibly need in the first 6 months. As well as stuff I need for the actual birth. Actually starting the "nesting" has caused a snowball effect and now I am feeling antsy about how dirty our windows are, not to mention all the cobwebs that have gathered outside. I can't possibly give birth in a house with dirty windows-what will the baby think?? lol. And skirting boards-they are dusty, and so on and so on.
Am writing lists like a mad woman. There are a few things I would like to get for the birth as well as some bits and pieces for the kids and new baby. There are a heap of birthdays (including Tannah's) around the time bubs will come to meet us. I want that sorted for presents too cause I want no pressure to shop or anything. Have list of presents. Just need money lol.

Late pregnancy has kicked n with a vengance too. I can't get comfortable in bed, my heartburn has become reflux (that is sooo awful) and the baby can actually make me jump when it moves! Not to mention the constant peeing and inablity to eat anything that is bigger than a apple without feeling stuffed full. And let's not speak of braxton hicks!
These are all good signs however that I am getting ready to have a baby. That "over it" feeling can help trigger labour and make you want to meet your baby-rather than just be pregnant for ever!

So if the length of time I was pregnant before going into labour with the girls is any indication (I went "early" both times) I only have a few weeks to go......Time to get cleaning :-)

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