Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tannah and the new baby

Tannah decided today that our baby is a boy. In the early days she also thought it was a boy and insisted that we call him Flora. Now she likes Baby-Jesus as the boy name, said like it's hyphenated. A bit hilarious seeings as her religious education comes from "Silent Night" in the Wiggles xmas dvd. Kind of better than her new favorite girls name which is Barbie. Also weird considering that we don't have any Barbie dolls.
She also told me that Kate (who is coming to the birth to help with the kids-and hopefully do the more important job of taking photos lol) could just "take her shopping or something" if I get too loud. Hope you are ready for some bossing around Kate! I told Tannah that Kate was coming to help her etc, Tan has decided that she has a personal assistant or something for the day. I didn't have the heart to tell her that her younger sister may take up much of said assistants time.
Tannah is either excited or worried about how much noise I might make. She talks it up a bit. Also she needs to see some more birth pics-she thinks the baby might come out my bum. Funny-that's EXACTLY where it felt like she was coming out of. I actually yelled at the midwife "she's coming OUT MY BUUUMMMM"
Tannah is however most excited about 2 jobs she has given herself. To help her Dad cut the cord. I keep reminding her that this won't happen straight away, have a feeling there may be nagging. And to help me check whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Very exciting and important job!

So Tannah may be strolling around Coles when our new arrival arrives...or she may be in the tick of things and arguing with me about why we don't have a brother named Baby-Jesus

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katef said...

Ah your girl knows me well... I am always up for a quick trip to the shops... gotta go buy Baby-Jesus Barbie some new clothes after all!

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