Thursday, March 5, 2009

My belly

Here are a couple of the photo's that lovely Kate took last week. Warning-almost nudity involved




Dee said...

Oh they are stunning :) :)

Such a gorgeous belly, child & mama xxxx

loz said...


Sazz said...

Love them! Especially the flower one at :)

Sif said...

Wow, lovely, and without wanting to give the wrong impression, LOL, my fave is that last one!!! That's beautiful and original (well, I haven't seen it done before that is)... I'd get the last one made into a canvas for sure!!!

Nic said...

Just beautiful

Kate said...

Oh they are so beautiful!!

I LOVE the one with Willow, her hand is just perfect yk? And her face so sweet.

Gorgeous all of you!!!

katef - said...

you know every time your belly pops onto my screen saver I smile... so gorgeous, you and your growing bubbas!

Simi said...

These are gorgeous photo's Shae..I am sure you will treasure them forever :)

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