Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ready to rock and roll

I'm organized.
All the tiny baby stuff is washed, all the homebirth stuff is where it should be, the birth pool is blown up, I've done the belly cast and I've read "Hello Baby" to the kids like a million times lol.

Baby has it's big ol' head way down in my pelvis.
I'm seeing my Midwife tomorrow for the "birth plan meeting" with my backup Midwife, Luke and Kate-the whole team labour. I'm having my little blessingway on Saturday with some lovely women friends.

So all I'm ready to go anytime after that thanks :-)

I just feel lucky that I am able to access an Independent Midwife (even if at my own cost) without it being underground or illegal. The government has released it's Maternity Review and if all the recommendations are passed in July next year things could be very different and women's choice to birth their babies at home with an independent midwife could be very well taken away. I am crap at links and stuff so I'll give you a link to a blog with some good ways to get involved.

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Sif said...

I've still got some towels and clothes here for you. Not all the clothes I had a few months ago because I gave some to Amanda after her wallet was stolen, but some stuff all the same :)... Will pass it onto Leah or Jayne before this weekend (I hope)!

Sending lots of BLESSINGS in lieu of my Blessingway absence, and if you have a spare candle/string bracelet/whatever on hand, I'd love to join in the baby-watch!

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