Sunday, March 8, 2009

simple pleasures

I have finally cracked the easy veggie pattie thing! Woo hoo! It has taken me ages and many stuff ups to come up with a tasty, easy and nearly no preparation pattie that we use as "rissoles" or veggie burgers.
We like it anyway :-) Here tis-

I tin butter beans
1 grated carrot and zuchinni
1 egg (can use egg replacer and water for vegan)
some crushed garlic and salt and pepper
some crumbs-we use white rice crumbs (from health food bit of supermarket) cause of wheat issue but any old bread crumbs will do. Use enough to make the consistency right.
Some pasta sauce. We normally have a jar of some kind of tomato-ey pasta sauce opened for some reason. Use about a few tablespoons, again go for consistency.

Bang all ingredients into food processor and whizz. If too gluggy add more crumbs, if too dry add more pasta sauce. It should look like rissole mix that dear old Mum used to make.
Roll out small handfuls into patties and roll in the crumbs and then cook in a fry pan with a bit of the oil of your choice. Cook until golden on each side.

My kids like them with hommus and salad, or veggie chips (homemade oven cooked chips from different veggies), or on a burger.

I like them cause they take no time at all, are cheap and seem to be a winner :-)

And of course the simple pleasure of enjoying a yummy home made meal with the family.

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Pagan Rach said...

Ooh, I'll have to try those. They sound nice and easy. Every veg pattie recipe I try seems to fall apart!

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