Friday, March 13, 2009


Here are 10 things I'm thankful for. I don't give thanks enough-there really is much in my life that is awesome!

The kids-no brainer. I can't believe how blessed I am at times to share my life with my girls (and the belly baby of course!)They do drive me crazy at times and as well as being my biggest gift they are also my biggest challenge-mainly cause I really want to do right by them. Hurrah for kids!

Luke- who knew that I would find such an amazing man while I was mindless drunk in a nightclub! He is awesome and I love him so much. Can't imagine life without him.

Friends and family- too many special people to mention! Their love and support is priceless. You guys rock!

Music- It has been such a big part of my life forever. Going to live gigs was pretty much my whole social pastime there for a while. I haven't been to an actual gig for quite some time but I still have music in the car and listen to it at home..and a few choice songs on my iPhone. The kids are music fans too.

Centrelink- might sound like a strange one but we depend on the family payment as part of our wage and if Luke get's made redundant then we will be living off benefits.The baby bonus is paying for our homebirth. Lucky for us that it's there!

Freedom of choice- I (at the moment) have the right to choose where to give birth, whether to send my kids to school or not and what religion (if any) we teach to our kids. I won't be thrown in jail or set on fire or stoned to death for having sex before marriage and my daughters won't be circumcised (nor will my boys if I have any for that matter). I think we can take our choices a little bit for granted at times.

Communication technology- the net, my phone, home phone, snail mail etc. Nice to keep in touch with everyone near and far, In real life or not.

Stephen King- still my favorite author hands down. I have read and re-read his books many times. Always keeps me entertained.

Household labor saving devices- I love my dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum and dryer. Politically incorrect as that may be....

Summer!- I love the heat. Really. Maybe not like all those 40+ degrees days we had down here in Melbourne in a row but usually the sunshine and longer days is a big winner with me. I sleep better and get more done when it's warm.

I think that's 10 lol. There are many many more things that I am thankful for in my life. Many people I am thankful for individually but that is a short list.

What about you??

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loz said...

Such a beautiful post to read, Hope your doing well

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