Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unpleasant encounter

I have been thinking about this all day and I'm really annoyed.

We went to a big shopping center today-it has a kids playground thingo inside. Tannah and another little girl of about the same age were having a lovely play up in a high part. A family arrived and their little boy (about 2ish) climbed up and started getting in the girls faces. Shouting at them and giving them little shoves. The girls did REALLY well to put up for as long as they did but finally the other little girl pushed him back and he went over on his bum. Now the little boy didn't cry and was in no way upset by this-he was wanting to play rough by the looks and got the desired response. But the kids father stuck his big head in it.
He turns to me and Luke (and had it been Tannah I reckon this tosser would have actually had a go at him)and goes "is THAT tall girl YOURS?? she just PUSHED my kid!" Very confrontational like. I said she wasn't and before I could say anything else he stormed off to find whoever she was with. He found her Mum and started having a go at her. Big tough guy verbally attacking a woman on her own while his partner sat and watched. I was about to say something (you know-hormones and all) when his strutting and storming around led him over to where Willow was and he literally kicked her feet out from under her and sent her face first into the step of the park.
Now all the hoo-ha about his kid and Willow was SCREAMING. Anyone who knows her in real life knows it takes a lot for her to get that upset about hurting herself. I scooped her up and went into helping her and seeing how badly she was hurt. He didn't apologize, check if she was OK or anything like that. He was too busy STILL having a go at the woman who's kid pushed his over! So I'm hugely pregnant and trying to hold my screaming child-who is really hurt. Luke is getting Tannah ready to leave cause it's all going a bit ugly and we're worried about how this nutter dude is losing his mind.

The things that bother me most about this are-
-Does he have no idea about how kids play?? Keep out of it if everyone is happy!
-I really think he may have tried to hit Luke if Tannah had been the "pusher"
-He was very threatening to the mother of the other girl-and she was on her own
-He really didn't give a shit about how hurt Willow was. She was really screaming and had he not been strutting around like king turd of shit mountain she wouldn't have been hurt at all.
-His partner (or whoever the other woman he was with was) was NOT mortified by his behavior. To Be honest their kid was not nice to any of the other kids and I'm sure they wonder where he learns it, or they think it's OK.
-His carry on freaked Tannah out and injured Willow. The Mama lion in me HATES that but I was too scared to tell him so-I was literally afraid for my unborn baby and Luke (he's a lover not a fighter)

So poor Willow has a very nasty bruise on her chin and keeps saying "mouth face ouch"
Poor poppett. All because of some macho wanker. Grrrrrr


MoederKip said...

Oh yuck. I'm feeling soooo angry for you right now.
But as much as you always end up wishing you'd said something in those situations, first priority is looking after your family. And you just never know what somebody like that could do.
I'm sure you're all having lots of feel-better cuddles right now.

Sif said...

OMG! What an aggressive prick! No wonder his son thinks it's fine to interact socially by yelling and pushing.

FWIW, I think you did the right thing. Next time, hopefully there won't be a next time, scout around for shopping center security...

Sazz said...

I am so mad for you and for Willow! What an ignorant, rude, violent fuckwit.

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