Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our 3 very lovely girls

I really wasn't prepared for the constant looks of disappointment I get from people when they find out I have 3 girls. Like I'm crushed that we don't have a boy & the look of "poor you" is showing their empathy.
I'm already over all the jokes about 4 women in a house with pmt at the same time. And clothes bills etc.
When people say " oh no 3 girls" I reply "yes. 3 beautiful, healthy girls." the following comment is "are you going for a boy?" we are not. And what would the odds be of having a boy after 3 girls? I imagine we would have 4 girls & people wouldn't cope LOL.

Truth is I love having 3 girls. And I don't feel disappointed- I feel blessed to have them. No matter what sex they are.

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