Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our adventures in the childrens hospital

Willow had a big, nasty and very sore lump on the top of her leg. It turned out to be an infected lymph node. No biggie right? Wrong.
This lump manged to score us a two night stay at the children's hospy and surgery!! She is on the mend and acting as though nothing has happened. But it was a bit traumatic for everyone. Here are some things I learned while in there.

-A toddler, a newborn and their mama can all fit (sort of) in a single bed.
-Keeping a toddler fasting for 24 hours while you wait for surgery is exactly as crappy as you think it would be.
-food at the cafe costs twice as much and tastes half as good as normal food
-most kids nurses are lovely and super understanding
-it would have been easier if this had happened when I was still pregnant, rather that with a new baby
-holding your trusting child down while people do things to her sucks for all parties involved
-I have great friends and family

But the main thing I learned is just how blessed we are to have 3 healthy girls.
Willow is over the worst of her illness-but there were some really sick kids there who have days, weeks, months, years and some of them lifetimes of illness and complications requiring all sorts of help and time in hospital. In comparison to that it really was no biggie.


Spiralmumma said...

I know what you mean about many things here! I've shared a single bed with a toddler and a baby in hospital, I've seen my precious baby held down and down horrible(but necessary) things to, and I've been thankful my daughter's hospital stay was only a brief one, especially compared with some kids whose illnesses mean prolonged and oft repeated stays :(

I'm so glad Willow is home and on the mend :)

The Fab Four said...

I just found your blog via Katscapers!
Gah I feel your pain 2 years ago my Daughter chocked on a coin and it was horrible for E/O

Amazing how kids bounce back!

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