Friday, April 3, 2009

An outing....

So I am crap at the whole babymooning thing. I LOVE the idea of lying around on my bum and doing nothing and seeing hardly anyone but the truth is I am a very social creature who loves doing things and seeing people. Not to mention the work that 3 kids generates house wise-Luke and I have always been a team effort in that department and I'm not great at not helping out.
I also feel physically awesome. So I feel kinda like a fraud lying about. Let me add that I am aware that I have just given birth and I NEED to take it easy. My midwife reminds me of that a lot also. Bless her. Of course the sitting still that comes with feeding a new baby (and a toddler who is stoked about how much milk there is to go around) and just holding her is a lot of sitting still!
So today I decided that we would all go "down the street" to lodge my centrelink stuff so I can wait for the baby bonus to come my way -of course because homebirth is not funded much of this is going to pay for our amazing midwife.

So I left the 2 big girls and Luke at his parents shop and my new bundle and I went to wait at centrelink. She was in a pouch sling and there was much oohing and aahhhing over in the queue (the looong queue)- a lovely older gentleman even got me a chair to sit on while we waited.

I noticed the sounds of thunder far off and the sky was getting darker....then closer and darker still. Then the bloody heavens opened up and it was pouring-I mean really really teeming with rain. There was heaps of thunder and lightening and I was starting to wonder about how to get my lovely bundle and myself back to the car. I handed in my form and called Luke to pack up the big girls and come get us.
By the time he got to us we were in the middle of a full blown storm and I threw the sling over Harper's face and ran to the car. While buckling her in I got DRENCHED and both Tannah and Willow were talking a mile a minute about the scary storm. So we drove home-very slowly in poor visibility and pouring rain with traffic and water all over the road.

I was glad to be home again! It was nice to get out but I was a wee bit frazzled when we got home.

Back to bum on couch for another couple of days methinks lol.

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Juniper said...

Ooh me too! Like you, I am way to social to "babymoon" at home for too long - I had people over the very next day, and was walking to pick DD up from ballet on day 2 - people totally freaked out, but I felt great (apart from a sore coccyx - sp?) and just wanted to get out and see people!

I think I also went to RachY's blessingway when DS was a week old - and had a ball!

So, *I hear you*! Glad you had an outing - and I heard about the weather - crazy! (am currently in Canberra).

Can't wait to see you IRl and meet the new addition!

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