Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things I forgot about having a newborn

-They feed a lot
-one sock always seems to be missing
-they poo everywhere
-when you go to the shops people like to stop you and awwww over them
-they are very interesting to any older kids you might have
-I mentioned the feeding right?
-all the feeding makes you HUNGRY. A lot.
-bath time can be a traumatic scream fest
-they make all these cute little noises and grunts
-people give you gifts!
-you want to tell and retell your birth story to anyone who seems slightly interested
-They feed a lot ( I may have mentioned that before lol)


Nic said...

Hahaha !! so true I remember that all. I am one of those people that ohhh and awww over strangers newborns. Cant resist. And the hunger !! oh man.

MoederKip said...

Oh yes... and have you noticed... they feed a lot!

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