Sunday, May 31, 2009

old habits

We got a new TV.A fancy hand me down TV. Not an enourmous plasma or anything but it's pretty massive since we had no TV for about a year(just a tiny portable DVD player) and then we had a small hand me down TV which looked like the "second TV". Our last TV used to live in the cupboard and be taken out sometimes, then it moved into the spare room just for DVD's and then as I neared the end of my pregnancy it made it's way into the lounge room-plugged in to the channels and everything. Now we have a pretty large TV in the lounge room all connected to a DVD, channels and a video player.

It really is like a drug.

At first you only watch a little, then a little more and a little more and before you know it you know the names of most of the contestants on Masterchef and the kids are hanging out for 3pm so you can put ABC kids on.

I don't like it.

I get the whole idea that a little TV isn't necessarily a bad thing. I know that in this modern time where we have no "tribe" to help with the parenting that the telly sometimes fills that void and takes the place of a babysitter. But I'm not really OK with it.

It feels wrong every time I plug the kids in-no matter how much I'm dying for some space. It does, however, work and buys me some time where I can just be or feed Harper without distraction.

So what to do?? Do I just switch off or limit? Do I accept that I have adopted a TV as a member of my parenting tribe?

Something to think about...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Control Issues

When you are the stay at home parent the house is your domain. I take a lot of pride on my "job" as stay-at-home Mum & I definately have my own way of doing things. But in the last couple of months I've had to learn to let go & let myself be helped. Something I'm not that great at.

After Harper was born the hardest part for me was recovering while Luke looked after the big 2 & did all the cooking & housework. Sounds like bliss right? I was almost turning myself inside out watching him. Did he get everything done? Yes. Did the house run while he was at the helm? Absolutely. Was he doing things my way? NO NO NO! But just because things aren't done my way doesn't make them wrong-just hard to watch.

The irony is when we moved in together he used to tell me that I was doing things "wrong" & it was me arguing that there was more than one way to skin a cat. But now it's me that thinks all other ways are wrong-but I'm trying to get over it.

Friends are always told "don't worry I'll clean up" & in reality it's more control over being a nice host. I usually clean up after my kids for similar reasons-buy that's not good for them really.

I got thinking about all this yesterday. Lovely Kate & her kids came & minded my big 2 for a few hours. Kate asked the kids to clean up & they did. Was everything away? Yes. Was it a huge help to me not to have to pack up? Absolutely. But was everything where I normally put it? No.

And do you know what? It didn't matter. The bedroom was clean & when the girls got up this morning they found what they were looking for.

......and then I found out Lovely Kate had folded my washing. Was it the same as how I fold things? No. Was I going to refold it? Are you crazy? I was too busy doing a happy dance that it was done! Folding the washing twice should be illegal-that is one area I can quite happily give up control.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Vegan slow cooker recepie-for Sif :)

Loving the slow cooker-so easy! Most people do associate them with meat so here's a vego option.

Peel & chop into cubes some potato, sweet potato & carrot. Chop leek & zuchinni. Can also add beans or pumpkin-whatever takes your fancy really.
Put into slow cooker with a tin of tomatoes, jar of pasta sauce, garlic, teaspoon of mustard, couple of stock cubes, braggs liquid amino (salty-like worchestire),mixed herbs & water to cover. Halfway through the cooking time chuck in a can or 2 of chic peas.

It's pretty liquidy so eat it with something to mop it up like rice. I sometimes add cooked rice for the last half hour so it's like a stew. You could totally add more stock the second night & eat it like soup :) enjoy!!

Things I know

-when your baby sleeps at night life just seems easier
-slow cookers rock
-when your husband is having a vasectomy his balls become the brunt of a lot of jokes
-when you discover you get excited over following Sam the yellow Wiggle on Twitter it's time to get out more
-tandem feeding a new baby & a toddler keeps your lap full
-finding a good organic grocery delivery is the secret to happiness
-snuggling in bed on a cold morning with all 3 kids makes winter bearable
-a good friend minds your kids-a great friend also unpacks the dishwasher :)

What do you know?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Things I know

-I love labor saving electrical devices. I know they are crap for the environment.
-when your 4 year old starts making a weird coughy gaggy noise it means " stand back! Huge puke to follow"
-being sick when home alone with the kids sucks. Having tv on helps
-a cubby house made out of a mattress can make for hours of entertainment
-the more Willow talks the more her & Tannah play together. And the more they fight.
-when you drop the container that has the unpopped popcorn in it those kernels go everywhere.
-mandarins are great in the juicer
-getting washing hung out, brought in, folded & put away in the same day sure feels like an achievement at the moment

What do you know?

Continuum parenting by force

Harper is an in arms baby. A velcro baby. A shoulda been born in a tribe baby.

I've read "The Continuum Concept" and I agree the babies need to spend time in arms-but these babies were in a tribe and they had all sorts of arms to go to and it was not solely up to the Mum (and sometimes Dad) to meet this need.

My older kids have been (mostly)in arms while awake but were happy to fall asleep at the boob and be put in the hammock or in the family bed to sleep. Hence Mama got a break. No dice for Harper.

She wants to sleep in arms also. Even at night she literally sleeps in my arms.

So I have been accommodating her. I have a fancy new carrier ( a Close baby carrier and I have just been popping her in there and getting on with it. I can do almost everything with her in there-but hanging out the washing is tricky. But my arms grow tired and my other kids want some of Mama too. Minus velcro if possible.

In true tribal baby style she is happy in the arms of other trusted loved ones so Luke has been taking over a bit in the afternoon and night-bless him.I have caught up on lots of night time telly with her on my lap, I am also getting very good at Tetris which I uploaded to my phone. The iPhone should get a mention too-bless Twitter and facebook for keeping me busy when I'm trapped under a sleeping baby.

But it's not all bad. I am enjoying just "being" with her-which might not have happened in the bustle of our busy house. As long as you snuggle up she is happy to sleep for big stretches at night so I'm getting plenty of sleep. A new experience for me lol. I am surprised at how much you can actually get done with a small person strapped to your front.

But it won't be long before she is running around and out of my arms altogether. So I'm off to boob and snuggle with my littlest one...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things I know

I know it's not Friday for a start lol

-you cannot vacuum up stickers stuck on the tiles, no matter how much you want to.
-taking your kids to a party at night, the night after having dinner at the in laws is not a good idea. Tired kids=tears.
-sometimes a shower alone is all you need to recharge
-watching a movie on the telly from beginning to end is incredibly satisfying-especially if you enjoy the movie!!
-spending time with other like-minded mama's is like a battery recharge
-taking the fund raising chocolate for playgroup home just means you should put $50 in the box and eat the chocolate. Don't pretend you want to sell it.
-co-sleeping in winter is lovely and cozy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

some pics

a rare shot-both looking and smiling!

finally feeling some bath love

pretty much how I get to sit down lol

Time to hang up my uterus

It's official, Luke is having the chop. The big V-a vasectomy (and he'll be just thrilled that I'm blogging it lol). The date is set.

I always thought I'd be really upset when the day came and freaking out that WHAT IF I want more kids in 2 years? 10 years? But I actually have that feeling of "I'm done" that I thought was a bit of a myth. I love being pregnant (except the last 6 weeks ugh) and I love giving birth and all the lovely things about new babies-but I think I've had my fill.

Imagine in a few years I will get some sleep-incredible! Eventually there will be no nappies and I will be able to wear clothes without thinking of the practicality of getting a boob out. I never have to have awful 35 week pregnant reflux again. I will not have to be pouring drinks and wiping bums. I will be able to understand what all my kids will be able to say-not to mention they will be able to do up their own seatbelts!

Of course I will miss the milky midnight snuggles. The cooing and grinning of babies. The excitement of first words and steps. That amazing whoosh as your baby comes earthside-and the sheer joy of the first cuddle. The first time you see the 2 blue lines and hear the heartbeat. The look on your small child's face that tells you that you are their whole world and can fix anything. I'm sure one day I'll even miss the Wiggles. here are so many things that are lovely about being pregnant, giving birth and having babies-and I'm going to miss them all as my girls grow further away from all that.

But I'm also looking forward to getting to know them as women and how our relationship will also change and grow. Not to mention all the sex I plan on having with no kids in our bed and not having to worry about when I ovulated ;-)

I'm sure I'll shed a little tear when the deed is done (Luke will also I imagine) and lots as I watch my last baby leave behind her babyhood.

So now I can focus on being the best parent I can be and nurture my three very lovely girls into childhood and adulthood. *sob*

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Super Fast Broadband

I wish it was at my place. It isn't. It's at my inlaws but I couldn't resist having a little go on their luffly computer.

So what to say....ummmm.

It's mother's day today. Let's talk about that.

For my first mother's day I got a fuel pump. We were pretty broke and the car shit itself a few days before. Thanks. Not a bad present really cause we still had 2 cars and it meant I could still drive around. Last year same deal-car crapped itself and no cash meant I got a muffler. Again awesome!

This year I got a real present. A eeePC. Cool little mini laptop that I need to figure out how to work......

What else?? ummmmm

I am going to lose 20kg. That's right 20kg. I have chunked on with the move back to VIC, lack of exercise and being pregnant. Need to shed some pounds. Not going to stress on it but plan to do what I did last time. Go vegan and walk. So I will pretty much eat well and get some space from the kids. Sounds like fun actually. When Harper gets a little older I'll find a yoga close to home and duck out for an hour a week.
I imagine in a few weeks I'll be feelin' fine and shedding pounds.

Well must get back to the party. I think my boobs are in need of feeding one or another of my kids.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Can I blog pics?

Things I know

-4 year olds care not about broken ovens. Just where are the cupcakes they were cooking?
-5 week old babies can take up much of your time just gazing at them
-tv is addictive.
-tandem feeding can go from lovely to completely awful in seconds

Not much this week....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Having my hands full.

"you have your hands full!" is one of those phrases I hate. I guess it's because it implies that I'm not coping-another thing I hate LOL. Or it means the kids are a chore or burden-they are not. They may be hard work at times but they are definately a joy & I am blessed to have them.
But yesterday I understood "having my hands full"
Harper refused point blank to be put down. Not even while she was sleeping. Willow is cutting eye teeth so she is clingy & needy. Tannah was not getting anywhere near enough of my attention so she was seeking it too. So I had Harper in the sling or on my boob, when I put her down I had Willow on the boob and Tannah talked all day & filled any time my lap was free.
It was hard work not to run screaming from the house.
I must say I think I rose to the challenge pretty well. I didn't make them all happy all day-there were tears from everyone at some point( myself included). But I can honestly say I did my best.

But maybe next time someone tells me I have my hands full I can say

Friday, May 1, 2009

Things I have learned

Planning to make this a regular Friday feature. Here are some gems from this week-
-the clothes folding can go from "a little behind" to "totally out of control" very quickly.
-tandem feeding 2 kids makes you super thirsty.
-toddlers getting eye teeth sucks for everyone
- it makes you sad when your 4 year old starts saying words properly instead of their own cute version
-who needs toys when the vaccuum attachments are around
-central heating is awesome
-you can cope so much better with daytime stuff when you get sleep at night!
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