Friday, May 22, 2009

Continuum parenting by force

Harper is an in arms baby. A velcro baby. A shoulda been born in a tribe baby.

I've read "The Continuum Concept" and I agree the babies need to spend time in arms-but these babies were in a tribe and they had all sorts of arms to go to and it was not solely up to the Mum (and sometimes Dad) to meet this need.

My older kids have been (mostly)in arms while awake but were happy to fall asleep at the boob and be put in the hammock or in the family bed to sleep. Hence Mama got a break. No dice for Harper.

She wants to sleep in arms also. Even at night she literally sleeps in my arms.

So I have been accommodating her. I have a fancy new carrier ( a Close baby carrier and I have just been popping her in there and getting on with it. I can do almost everything with her in there-but hanging out the washing is tricky. But my arms grow tired and my other kids want some of Mama too. Minus velcro if possible.

In true tribal baby style she is happy in the arms of other trusted loved ones so Luke has been taking over a bit in the afternoon and night-bless him.I have caught up on lots of night time telly with her on my lap, I am also getting very good at Tetris which I uploaded to my phone. The iPhone should get a mention too-bless Twitter and facebook for keeping me busy when I'm trapped under a sleeping baby.

But it's not all bad. I am enjoying just "being" with her-which might not have happened in the bustle of our busy house. As long as you snuggle up she is happy to sleep for big stretches at night so I'm getting plenty of sleep. A new experience for me lol. I am surprised at how much you can actually get done with a small person strapped to your front.

But it won't be long before she is running around and out of my arms altogether. So I'm off to boob and snuggle with my littlest one...

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