Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Having my hands full.

"you have your hands full!" is one of those phrases I hate. I guess it's because it implies that I'm not coping-another thing I hate LOL. Or it means the kids are a chore or burden-they are not. They may be hard work at times but they are definately a joy & I am blessed to have them.
But yesterday I understood "having my hands full"
Harper refused point blank to be put down. Not even while she was sleeping. Willow is cutting eye teeth so she is clingy & needy. Tannah was not getting anywhere near enough of my attention so she was seeking it too. So I had Harper in the sling or on my boob, when I put her down I had Willow on the boob and Tannah talked all day & filled any time my lap was free.
It was hard work not to run screaming from the house.
I must say I think I rose to the challenge pretty well. I didn't make them all happy all day-there were tears from everyone at some point( myself included). But I can honestly say I did my best.

But maybe next time someone tells me I have my hands full I can say


Sif said...

The first time I "got it" was when this old guy point out that Dave and I were now outnumbered and I realised he was most certainly right... In the wrong situation, we could be divided and easily conquered by two little people who knew ONE of us would have to hold the baby and therefore couldn't move suddenly to chase or catch a speedy little boy...

A fortunately turn of events occurs, though, when you're fourth arrives (well, except perhaps if you have any number of multiples)... By the time you have your fourth, your oldest will be old enough to be REALLY helpful...

In my case I have TWO who are big enough and wise enough to actually mean Dave and I don't have our hands full (most of the time)...

Sazz said...

My friend with five kids has a blog called "with hands and hearts full", I love that. In the future when we get the "hands full" comments I plan to say "not as full as our hearts" or something along those lines :)

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