Sunday, May 10, 2009

Super Fast Broadband

I wish it was at my place. It isn't. It's at my inlaws but I couldn't resist having a little go on their luffly computer.

So what to say....ummmm.

It's mother's day today. Let's talk about that.

For my first mother's day I got a fuel pump. We were pretty broke and the car shit itself a few days before. Thanks. Not a bad present really cause we still had 2 cars and it meant I could still drive around. Last year same deal-car crapped itself and no cash meant I got a muffler. Again awesome!

This year I got a real present. A eeePC. Cool little mini laptop that I need to figure out how to work......

What else?? ummmmm

I am going to lose 20kg. That's right 20kg. I have chunked on with the move back to VIC, lack of exercise and being pregnant. Need to shed some pounds. Not going to stress on it but plan to do what I did last time. Go vegan and walk. So I will pretty much eat well and get some space from the kids. Sounds like fun actually. When Harper gets a little older I'll find a yoga close to home and duck out for an hour a week.
I imagine in a few weeks I'll be feelin' fine and shedding pounds.

Well must get back to the party. I think my boobs are in need of feeding one or another of my kids.


Sif said...

Losing weight through eating better (not vegan though) and exercise, is my mother's day present to myself as well... Hope you enjoy your eee

Juniper said...

sounds great Shae! I have been doing similar for a while now (but not vegan LOL!) and I feel so much better!

Sounds like you had a great mothers day - great pressie!

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