Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time to hang up my uterus

It's official, Luke is having the chop. The big V-a vasectomy (and he'll be just thrilled that I'm blogging it lol). The date is set.

I always thought I'd be really upset when the day came and freaking out that WHAT IF I want more kids in 2 years? 10 years? But I actually have that feeling of "I'm done" that I thought was a bit of a myth. I love being pregnant (except the last 6 weeks ugh) and I love giving birth and all the lovely things about new babies-but I think I've had my fill.

Imagine in a few years I will get some sleep-incredible! Eventually there will be no nappies and I will be able to wear clothes without thinking of the practicality of getting a boob out. I never have to have awful 35 week pregnant reflux again. I will not have to be pouring drinks and wiping bums. I will be able to understand what all my kids will be able to say-not to mention they will be able to do up their own seatbelts!

Of course I will miss the milky midnight snuggles. The cooing and grinning of babies. The excitement of first words and steps. That amazing whoosh as your baby comes earthside-and the sheer joy of the first cuddle. The first time you see the 2 blue lines and hear the heartbeat. The look on your small child's face that tells you that you are their whole world and can fix anything. I'm sure one day I'll even miss the Wiggles. here are so many things that are lovely about being pregnant, giving birth and having babies-and I'm going to miss them all as my girls grow further away from all that.

But I'm also looking forward to getting to know them as women and how our relationship will also change and grow. Not to mention all the sex I plan on having with no kids in our bed and not having to worry about when I ovulated ;-)

I'm sure I'll shed a little tear when the deed is done (Luke will also I imagine) and lots as I watch my last baby leave behind her babyhood.

So now I can focus on being the best parent I can be and nurture my three very lovely girls into childhood and adulthood. *sob*

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Stitch Sista said...

Yes may you have much nookie in your post V world! :). Glad you are at peace with the decision...

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