Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We do a fair few activities which means dragging 3 kids back & forth to various things. The kids love doing things but after forced quarrantine with sick kids I realized that down time at home can be nice too.
We're giving ballet up for a while & our hippy la la playgroup is going to be at peoples houses rather than at a veune-so hoping that will be more laid back. That leaves Mothers Group, homeschool craft, Babs & ABA
We rarely get to ABA anymore. Our group has babies & older kids so not so fun for Tannah & Willow. Unless Babs venue changes that is going to get harder & harder as well- but a venue change is looking good!
Homeschool craft is a definate. I really want to make connections with the Mums & kids cause they will be our "school" for the next 15 years.
I have plans to run our day with a bit more rythym-Steiner style. Time for stories & songs as well as craft time each day.

I am comitted & happy with homeschooling but I wish my inlaws were retired already so I could get a break!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I DON'T know

Just spicing it up a bit LOL

Things I DON'T know-
-why we borrow library DVDs. They almost always don't work & the kids get upset.
-why I make popcorn after vacuuming the floors
-why I ask the kids what they would like for dinner. Pancakes anyone?
-how to sleep when every other member of my family snores
-how my velcrobaby knows when I have made a cuppa. She wakes everytime!
-what's with Barnaby the Bee on "The Faries"?
-what happened to the pink kaliedoscope??

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mama of sick kids-a haiku

Snotty nose wiper
Dispenser of medicine
Isolation blues

Things I know

-you can only spend so much time on the house with sick kids before you start going coo coo la la
-sometimes your sense of humour doesn't age. Harper coughs & farts at the same time-it's hilarious.
-Willow cannot sleep parallel to me. She must sleep on a diagonal with her feet in my back at all times.
-you can have TV free days! But you make more mess.
-my Nan lives in a hard spot to get to-unless you want to drive 14 hours. Looks like a plane and car/train at this point.
-eating really healthy can be really expensive
-kids singing us adorable
-Tannah is learning letters!
-my husband is awesome. He's funny, cute & loves being with the kids. He makes my job easier :-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cabin Fever

Willow is still sick. Harper seems to be coming down with the same lurgy. We've spent an awful lot of time hanging at home over the last week & it looks like more to come. I don't think the chilly Melbourne wind would be great for coughing kids-& I'm pretty sure no one else wants to catch it.
We went to playgroup on Tuesday cause Williw looked relatively snot-free. Halfway through the green strings were hanging out of her nose again & there they have stayed-not literally of course. But no amount if wiping keeps them away.

On the good side-we've had some nice , chilled out time. Done some baking, painting & endless glueing of crap to paper. I even made playdoh!
On the bad side-get me outta here!! I'm bored & craving company. The kids are fighting & annoying each other.

But it is what it is. Tv is getting a workout & we're running out of craft glue. It is nice not to have to be anywhere but sick, bored & bottled up kids are no fun.

I'm counting down til Luke comes home for some adult conversafion :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

What was that??

"fuck fuck fuck fuck"

If you are Willow that is what Mama duck says to call her 3 little ducks back.

I love how toddlers talk like they are foreign & English is their second language. Willow has a definate "accent" & I love hearing her grasp the language.

When Luke pulls up after work Willow yells-
"dat's diddy nooow!"
Of she wants you
"warnchoo Mummy"
Or if she is trying to make Tan leave her alone
"betchoom" (go to the bedroom")

I do love hearing the 3 little ducks sung...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Things I know bonus- my kids edition

Things I know about my kids
-She's a "girly girl" into fairies and princesses and ballet
-she is sensitive & hates change
-she loves her friends & is very social
-she thinks white bread is heaven on earth
-she is always making up gorgeous songs and dances

-she is very active & can be a handful when she puts her foot down
-she is affectionate with both her gestures & words
-she is funny & great fun
-she is independent and loves to do things herself
-she loves to play with play doh

-she is a velcrobaby and hates to be put down. Ever.
-she adores her sisters and thinks they are hilarious
-she loves her felt flower mobile and can laugh and talk at it for ages
-she is at her happiest having a cuddle after a feed
-she sleeps at night!


The thing I know for sure is that I'm so glad they all picked us. I feel so lucky to be their Mama. We all have good and bad days, some days are easy and some days are hard. Sometimes we all get on each others nerves. But I wouldn't change one thing about who they are.

Things I know

-hearing your child struggle to breathe is awful
-Whenever I plead to the universe for Harper to "sleep long enough so I can shower/eat/empty dishwasher" I should always add "and have a chai" to the end of it
-I have such awesome friends and spending time with them is always a joy
-ebay is dangerous and I should never look there
-the cooing noise babies make melts your heart
-a clean floor and folded washing is the secret to happiness
-never ask to see the scar from where your husband has had his vasectomy
-4 year old girls can be lovely and bitchy in the space of a few short minutes
-every meal should end with vegan cupcakes
-a seasonal table is just another toy for the kids which puts dry leaves everywhere
-Willow thinks hommus is a food group
-never ever check your toddlers nappy status with a hand down the back of the nappy
-I am blessed

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sick kids

Willow has bronchiolitis. She is sick enough that we're using the prescription strength tough stuff to help her breathe. We're hoping to avoid a hospital trip-it's looking pretty good at this stage that some inside time and herbals-as well as the steroids will be enough to get us through.

I hate it when my kids get sick-especially when you can hear and see that they are not breathing easily. But the part that always gets me is I feel like I've failed them somehow. Not given them enough healthy food or exercise or love or whatever.It feels like a reflection on my parenting.

It's a pretty crap yardstick I've decided to choose because kids get sick. Even the breastfed, not vaccinated, organic eating, live on a bloody farm breathing clean air stress free never had antibiotics vegan kids. but I can't seem to talk myself out of it. Like the fact that we have chosen to do things a little differently means if I EVER have to use conventional medicine the natural way is a total failure and I chose wrong. It looks silly as I write it down but I feel like how sick my kids get is in direct relation to how well the way we eat, supplement and even parent.

I'm sure other parents pick yardsticks of their own like grades or manners or good behaviour or something.

But I will do whatever it takes from whatever school of medicine to help my kids be as well as they possibly can-failure or not.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tandem feeding musings

I tandem feed.
For those that don't know what that is I'll elaborate. I am breastfeeding both my 10 week old and my almost two year old.Not always at the same time lol.

Willow still needs my milk so when I became pregnant there was never any question that I would force her to wean. Sure, during the pregnancy there were times that I really hated it. I had supply issues and sore nipples, not to mention it became rather awkward as the months progressed. But we made it!

And here we are-tandem feeding. Some of you reading this have or are currently tandem feeding. Some of you may not have realized that it was possible. Some of you may even be horrified to think someone would do such a thing. Here are my thoughts.

I think it's a blessing :-) I still get milky snuggles with my fast growing toddler and she is still getting all the good things from my milk. It has helped with that full feeling you get in the morning-nobody takes the pressure off like a toddler. When I do feed them at the same time (and I admittedly avoid this at all costs cause it's pretty uncomfortable for me) it is lovely to watch them interact. My breastfeeding relationship with my newborn has not been in any way compromised by feeding her sister as well.
Of course there are days that I wonder why on earth I would do this, there are times i would like a free lap-for just an hour, I get touched out, I'm always hungry and thirsty and sometimes just walking the road less traveled can be hard.

So I write this post to those of you who might be feeling pressure to wean while pregnant or to wean your toddler or who might be wondering if it's even possible. Know that your milk is good for your child as long as they want it, know that plenty of women have tandem fed-even if in the closet and know that while it's sometimes tough, sometimes you look down and see two content, milky kids looking back at you.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Repeat repeat repeat

My kids are parrots. They pick stuff up from all sorts of places and repeat it. The TV, friends, books and (scary) even me.There is nothing that makes you feel as crap as when your kid says- "you are driving me crazy!!" and know that you have said the same thing to them-and that it doesn't feel very nice.
Tannah talks in "twin speak" like her besties. "We don't like...." and "we're not doing.."feature highly in her vocab. Tannah also repeats a lot of stuff she sees on the telly-another reason to switch off. Not to mention my little pearls like "Harper is a pest" hmmm that sound not so good from a kids mouth-why is it OK from an adult?
Willow copies a LOT of what her hero-Tannah-says. She told me something was too spicy the other day.Tannah is a hater of spice. She also like to sing (la la la la laaaa) and has a pretty amazing memory for songs at her age I think.

It's just making me watch what others are saying in front of them that's for sure....maybe I need to watch my mouth..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Things I know

-kids have terrible taste in TV shows. In The Night Garden anyone?
-babies that hate the car make driving that much more pleasant
-spending the day with a friend or group of friends is helpful to a Mama's sanity
-being vegan is where my body likes to be. Feeling great :)
-that I am truly over the swine flu hysteria
-when a velcrobaby sleeps out of arms for half an hour it's air punching excitement time
-the sound of your kids playing & giggling together warms your heart
-now that Luke has been snipped, a bit of "whenever we like sexy time" in a few months is lookin good ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I struggle with winter.

I'm originally from sunny Queensland & now live in Victoria. It gets cold where we live. Frost & all that. The days are quite short & can be quite bleak or foggy a lot of the time in winter.

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it.

I love living down here & there are so many awesome things about Melbourne. The weather ain't one of them!

But if it's winter now then that means it's almost spring right? And you really appreciate spring when you have a real winter. There is nothing like that first day when you don't need the heater on & your washing gets dry outside. You can literally feel yourself thaw out.

It keeps you quite in tune with the rythym of the year, having such changable weather. I do appreciate that :)

Righto, off for a hot drink of some sort.....
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